Crews at Camp Lonehollow

Crews are at the heart of camp life. Every first year two-week and four-week camper reaches into the Old Spanish Log on the first night of camp and draws a gold E for Explorer, a green M for Mountaineer, or a red T for Tracker. This will be their crew family for life, no matter how many years they are with Lonehollow. All term, campers earn points for their crew by being helpful around camp, during Evening Programs, and qualifying in activities; leading up to the across camp Adventure Race and day long Field Day at the end of the term. All crew competition culminates on Closing Day when the Crew Banner is awarded to the crew with the most points!


On the final night of camp, we gather together as a camp community for Vespers, a time to reflect on the term and share our appreciation for one another. After each cabin concludes their individual circle, there is always a mixture of laughter and bittersweet tears across camp!

Special Programs

Through our full-circle philosophy, Lonehollow is helping to create our next generation of leaders. Special programs for our older campers help to aid in the transition from camper to counselor, while programs such Trailblazers and Mavericks are intended to develop leadership skills in campers of all ages.



The Lonehollow Trailblazers are a group of service-minded campers voted on by our counselor staff to serve behind the scenes at camp. Trailblazers take it upon themselves to help out around Lonehollow, not for praise or recognition, but simply because they care. Trailblazer membership is open to all 4-week, returning campers. New campers are not eligible for Trailblazer membership.



Mavericks are campers who serve as leaders within their crews. Maverick positions are voted on by the members of each crew after candidates prepare and deliver a speech outlining why they feel they would be good role models and motivators. In order to run for Maverick, a camper must be in at least his/her second year at Lonehollow and cannot be going into 2nd, 5th, or 8th grade.



Lead Climbers (10th Graders)

At its core, the Lead Climber program is a two-night out-of-camp trip designed to promote campers’ potential by taking them out of their comfort zones and pushing them to create an environment supportive of teamwork and perseverance. Lead Climbers also participate in leadership training throughout each two-week session and have the unique opportunity to speak at Closing Ceremony.


Leader-In-Training (L.I.T. - 11th Graders)

As our oldest campers, LITs finish their time at camp still actively participating in the full crew experience. Campers not only participate in activities, but also assist in teaching them. Through a combination of activity assistance, camp jobs, and a special community service project, LITs have the opportunity to earn 35+ service hours over the course of each two-week session.


Counselor-In-Training (C.I.T - 12th graders)

The CIT program at Lonehollow is designed for former campers entering their senior year of high school. Through the CIT program, we allow former campers to complete the transition from camper to counselor that began in the LIT program. CITs are held to the same standards as Lonehollow Guides, participating in the complete application and interview process. While at camp, CITs live in a cabin with campers and teach activities during the day. All CIT positions are paid positions.





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