In our electronics-free environment, keeping up with your kid is still possible! Here are some ways to keep the communication channels from going radio-silent and stay tuned in with your camper

daily photos and news

Parents can experience camp happenings through our daily news articles and photos.  You’ll see the day’s agenda, menu, program highlights, and lots and lots of photos! Login to your Lonehollow account and click on “News” to begin. Please note, we hire at least two photographers who visit as many classes as possible each day on a rotating schedule. Our goal is to capture each child each day whether in smiling candids or intense action shots. We end up with about 400 photos posted daily. Unfortunately, we don’t always succeed at getting every child every day. Please know that if you don’t feel you are seeing enough of your child, you can always contact our office and we will make sure your camper’s smiling face gets caught on camera!


Email through your online camp account login is the quickest and easiest way to send “letters” to campers. Parents are invited to purchase email credits and send messages through this system. Emails are processed at 11:00AM daily and then delivered to campers with their regular mail. Just login to your Lonehollow account and click on “Email” to begin.  Campers receive emails every day but are not able to reply electronically. (Remember, they are “unplugged” while they are here.)  Be sure to set up Guest Accounts for your camper’s family and friends before he/she arrives so that BFF’s, grandparents, and cousins can email on the first day of camp. Guest accounts can be set up by clicking on “Email” as well and must be completed by the camper’s parents.


Mail is delivered after lunch on Monday through Saturday. Everyone LOVES to receive mail; families and friends are encouraged to send cards and letters. Campers can also write letters back. Their mail is taken to our local post office each morning. Summertime often overwhelms our one-room country post office so please be patient as transit time make take longer than expected.

INTERNATIONAL CAMPERS: Please note for our campers who live in a different country, we can scan and email their letters home.  Please have your camper bring his/her letter to the front desk in Headquarters, and we will email it home to Mom and Dad.

What to Write? Tips for great letters!

You can send tons of letters to your camper, but it only takes one to spark potential homesickness. When writing to your camper, focus on what is going on with them! Ask questions about camp, mention a picture you saw them in, or give general updates about what you have been up to. Lengthy stories about how much you miss them or what they may be absent for can generate not-so-happy responses!

packages (Padded envelopes)

Campers love to receive care packages. Things like magazines (with articles appropriate for camp), comics, and small toys or games are always fun to receive. However, sending a bunch of packages can often cause other campers to have hurt feelings as well as create storage issues for both the mail personnel and the camper recipient.


Campers may receive 2 padded envelopes per term – no larger than 10 ½” x 16”.  Boxes will be returned to sender.


BIRTHDAY EXCEPTION: if your camper has a birthday while at camp – he/she may receive one box. PLEASE MARK IT "BIRTHDAY" in large print on the outside of the box.


DO NOT SEND: Please note candy, gum, other food/drink items (we eat every three hours so no additional food/drinks are needed!), silly string, balloons, silly putty, stink bombs, confetti, fireworks, pocket knives, etc. are not allowed. Food items, if received at camp, will be donated to our hard working counselor staff and the other items will be kept in the office until camp closes and returned to you at camp closing. As a rule of thumb, items that might be distracting to the camp program or that could be damaging/get stuck in carpet should be kept at home.


CAMP STORE CARE PACKAGES: Packages can also be purchased from The Outfitter (camp store). There are a few different combinations to choose from or you can customize your own online. These are delivered directly to camper cabins. Look for more information on our website in the spring about care package options.  A camp store care package does not count toward your camper’s two package limit.

phone calls

In general, campers are not allowed to use the phone during camp. However, our office staff is happy to talk with parents should they be concerned about their children while away.


Office Phone Number 830/966-6600

Emergency AFTER HOURS Phone Number 830/966-6608


If your child is celebrating a birthday at camp they can receive a birthday phone call! Please contact the office a few days in advance to pre-arrange birthday call times for you and any grandparents who will be calling.  Call times are reserved for 8:25 a.m., 1:25 p.m., or 7:05 p.m.


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