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Great care and consideration is taken when assigning groups of cabin mates. This is why the bunk requests forms are due March 1. We want plenty of time to review the requests and create successful groups. Any bunk requests made one week prior to the start of your camper’s session will not be accommodated. Cabins are assigned based on grades. We work hard to honor all requests and assign based on mutual request. In addition, we assign groups of campers from small towns and big towns so that each cabin has a nice mix of campers from different cities and schools.  All cabin placements are revealed upon arrival and are considered final.


Please note – Cabin assignments will not be made until all of your camper’s forms have been returned to the Lonehollow office.  Be sure to login to your Lonehollow account and click on Forms and Documents to ensure that all forms have been received.


Specific bed placements are determined upon arrival either by a lottery-style drawing or by Guide assignment. Should you need to request a bottom bunk to accommodate sleep or medical issues for your camper, please note it on your bunk requests form.


In addition to camp tuition, a camp store fee is added. The fee is $150 for two-week campers, $200 for four-week campers, and $75 for one-week campers. Items and services deducted from this pre-paid account include laundry, camp store purchases, certain class fees (i.e., craft projects), etc.


We recommend that you have a conversation with your camper prior to summer regarding your expectations of their spending limits, if any, in our store.  For example, if you don’t want your camper to buy camp souvenirs such as yo-yo’s, flashlights, balls, etc., please have a conversation with them regarding their store spending prior to their arrival at camp.  Our camp store staff will email you a copy of your camper’s store invoice if he/she is getting close to spending over their store limit.  At that time, you can decide to add additional funds or leave as is.  Final camp store statements will be emailed two weeks after the close of your camper’s term.  The unused portion, if more than $5, will be mailed back two-three weeks after the close of the term. If a camper charges more than $5 over the amount in his/her camp store account, balances due will be charged two weeks after the receipt of the emailed statement to the default credit card on file.  If you would like to arrange for an alternate method of payment, please contact the camp store prior to the close of your camper’s term.

Unfortunately camp does not always work out for everyone. In the event of a voluntary withdrawal due to homesickness, etc., there will be no refund on any portion of camp fees. If you register your camper for a month term and then change to a two-week term, you are responsible for the full month tuition after March 30th.  Deposits are refundable and transferable up to and including, but not later than, January 1, 2017 and camp fees are refundable and transferable up to and including, but not later than March 1, 2017, with written notice of cancellation to the Camp office.  Lonehollow reserves the right to request the withdrawal of any camper considered detrimental to the total camp welfare. In these rare instances, no refund will be given on any portion of camp fees.

To ease the minds of many, insurance is available to families who wish to protect their non-refundable investment. Tripmate is one of a number of sources, not affiliated with Camp Lonehollow, from which insurance coverage may be purchased.  The Protection Plan insurance provides coverage for:  program cancellation prior to the start of camp for covered reasons (including injury, sickness, terrorist incidents, job termination, and transfer of employment of 250 miles); program interruption for covered reasons (same as before); medical expenses/emergency assistance; baggage; and medical records on-line.  More information is available by calling Tripmate at 1-800-423-3632 and the code you will need to provide for Camp Lonehollow is LONE0826TX. Please ask for Tim, Jackie, or Courtney and refer to plan numbers F530S and F530E

• Early Bird Discount – pre-register your camper and their new siblings for the following summer on Closing Day and receive 5% off tuition

• Sibling Discount - $100 off 2nd child and each additional child

How Cabins and Bunks are Assigned

Camp Store Account

camper withdrawal

Cancellation Protection Package

camp tuition discounts


On Closing Day, you will have the opportunity to pre-register for the next summer.  We highly encourage this registration, not just for the cool t-shirt you will receive, but also because we have seen tremendous growth at Lonehollow, and we don’t want our returning families to miss out! Not to mention ... there is a 5% discount if you pre-register that day!


Our pre-registration process is outlined below.


• Returning two and four week campers will be guaranteed a spot in their CURRENT term ONLY if you register on CLOSING DAY.  If you have not registered by this date, your spot can no longer be guaranteed in your term.


• Returning two and four week campers can pre-register for a term which is different from their current term.  However, you will not be notified if your request has been accepted until after October 15 when we release returning camper spots.  You will not lose your spot in your CURRENT term.


• Returning two and four week campers who register after closing day will be guaranteed a spot at Lonehollow until October 15; however, the term that the spot will be offered will depend on availability at the time of application.


• Siblings of returning two-and four-week campers and current Short Term campers can register prior to October 15. However, sibling and former Short Termer reservations will not be confirmed until October 15 when we release returning camper spots.


Visitors During a Term and Out-of-Camp Trips

Visitors are invited to come on Closing Day. Unfortunately, we are too busy having fun and cannot accommodate them at other times.


The only time campers leave camp grounds is for camp-sponsored trips, doctor appointments, and when camp concludes. Anyone who needs to leave during the term for another reason must notify the camp office before camp begins.  Dates and times for departure and arrival will need to be pre-approved by our camp office.  We don’t want our families on the hill country roads late at night or early in the morning due to windy roads and wildlife.

Lost and Found

In a perfect world, all items that were packed for camp would return home ... and to the right home.  We have a lost and found table located on the front porch of Headquarters. Any items that do not have names or were found after campers are gone will be located on the lost and found table.  Please check it before you leave and take what is yours. Then if you get home and find only one Chaco, extra room in your duffel from the missing helmet, no toiletry bag, or even that Dad (or Mom, of course!) didn’t pick up the laundry bag (believe us, it happens!), please call within two days of camp closing as all of the unclaimed items will be donated. We will ship these items back to you via United States Postal Service and add the charge to your camper’s camp store account.  Large items such as backpacks, sleeping bags, laundry bags, or duffels left behind will automatically be mailed and charged to your camp store account.



This summer each camper will receive a list of cabin mates’ names, addresses, and parents’ emails in his/her closing packet.  We hope this helps your campers stay tight with those camp BFFs all throughout the years ahead. One yearbook per child is included in your camp tuition fees. These will be mailed to your home around October.  In addition to the yearbook, your camper has the option to purchase a summer highlight DVD.  Campers can order these while at camp, and they are charged to their camp store account.  Delivery of the DVD will also be in the fall.

Camper Vehicles

Although our oldest campers have their driver’s license, we do ask that campers do not drive their vehicles to camp for their session.

health and welfare policies and procedures

For information about how we handle heath and wellness concerns please visit the Health and Welfare section of our website.


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