Packing Lists

Be sure to consult the appropriate lists depending on when your camper is attending. Lists represent the minimum amount of clothing and gear our veteran camp families agree you will need.


Each camper will have a 30” x 30” x 12” deep drawer under his/her bunk in which to store all personal belongings. Toiletries will be stored in drawers or on shelves in the bathroom. Shoes will be stored outside on a shoe rack. Please pack camp items in the following:


1. A collapsible duffel bag, wheels are preferred, but not mandatory (clearly marked with first and last name).  No trunks or suitcases. The largest duffel we can accommodate is 40” x 18” x 15”. Please do not exceed this size. This bag will be stored in the luggage compartment on the bus and then in a closet in or near camper cabins.


2. A laundry bag (clearly marked with first and last name). Linens and pillows can be packed separately in one of the two required laundry bags. This bag will be stored in the luggage compartment on the bus.


3. A carry-on style bag/backpack (clearly marked with first and last name). Campers can keep this bag handy on the bus and take it with them to their cabins.



Please make sure all belongings arrive at camp safely stored in one of these three bags.

Themed events

Theme events during evening program are a great chance to dress in costume, play games and have a blast all summer long! Here’s the scoop on this summer’s themes in case your camper wants to come prepared.  Costumes are definitely not a requirement, just part of the Lonehollow fun! The best ones are usually homemade!



Term 1A and Term 2A


· The Ball - You're invited to The Ball! Be our guest to dance the night away in a magic kingdom with princesses, brave knights, Snowmen, Jedi, and other "Disney inspired" guests!

· Wild Wild West - Saddle up and dust off your boots for a night out in the Wild Wild West! Can we get a Yeehaw??


Term 1B and Term 2B


· The Disco Ball - We've got Disco Fever! Funky patterns and lots of bell bottoms are encouraged for this groovy camp dance. Good vibes only.


· Holidays - Spread the holiday cheer and dress up to celebrate your favorite day of the year, whether it be Christmas,  Halloween, or even your birthday! Costume ideas include tacky Christmas sweaters, leftover Halloween costumes, 4th of July t-shirts, birthday hats, pilgrim outfits, and more!


Sprockets 1 and 3


· The Disco Ball - We've got Disco Fever! Funky patterns and lots of bell bottoms are encouraged for this groovy camp dance. Good vibes only.


Helmets, Sports Gear, and Adventure Gear

Safety is our top priority. Helmets are REQUIRED for horseback, mountain biking, and mountain boarding. For the Sprockets sessions, horseback and mountain biking/boarding helmets will be provided.  Horseback helmets must be ASTM/SEI certified. Mountain biking and mountain boarding helmets must be CPSC certified.  For safety reasons, please leave all cleats at home. Tennis racquets, lacrosse sticks, golf clubs, and baseball gloves may be brought to camp.  We have these items available for use if you do not wish to pack them.  If your camper brings golf clubs or lacrosse sticks, they will be checked in and labeled on Opening Day, then stored among Lonehollow’s sports equipment.  Please note that the equipment will be accessible to other campers, and Lonehollow is not responsible for losses or damage.  Golf clubs and lacrosse sticks will be returned the day before Closing Day and packed with belongings.  We ask that archery bows and fishing poles stay at home.  We do not have enough storage in our Adventure storage sheds or cabins to accommodate additional equipment.


Horseback, Mountain Biking, and Mountain Boarding Class

If your camper has selected horseback, mountain biking, or mountain boarding as one of their top 10 activity preferences online, they will need to pack the appropriate gear.  Our goal for our two and four-week campers is that all campers will receive at least their top 10 activity choices.


Horseback class also requires two pair of jeans or leggings, one ASTM/SEI certified helmet (can be purchased at camp), and one pair of riding boots (must have a very defined heel – no wedge heel).  Mountain biking and mountain boarding both require a CPSC certified helmet (can be purchased at camp).  For the Sprockets sessions, horseback and mountain biking/boarding helmets will be provided.


If your camper arrives at camp without the appropriate horseback gear, they will not be able to participate in the class and an alternate activity will be substituted.




Packing Tips from the experts

To help you solve the puzzle of packing for camp, our packing experts suggest the following:


  • Don’t worry about sending matching outfits. Clothes will get shuffled around, and campers will wear what is conveniently placed, matching or not.
  • Put toiletries in a small bag to keep them together.
  • Pack a small shower caddy to keep toiletries organized in the bathroom.
  • Put socks and underwear in large Ziploc bags.  They will be easier to find.
  • Only pack comfortable walking shoes. There will be a lot of walking, much of it on rocky terrain.
  • Roll t-shirts for easier packing and identifying.
  • Campers wear their tried and true clothes most.  Don’t buy a bunch of new clothes to pack.
  • Be sure to wash all clothes before packing to avoid discoloration in the laundry.
  • Pack sheets separately in a laundry bag so campers can make their bed easily when they arrive.
  • Pack a small bag or storage container to keep books, writing utensils, paper, etc. in and store in the drawer under camper bed.
  • Pre-address and stamp envelopes. (This practice will greatly improve your chances of receiving a letter!)
  • Let your camper know where everything is packed in his/her duffel bag. (Side pockets may not be unpacked because they don’t realize anything is in there.)


laundry (Two and Four Week Campers only)

Having fun can mean getting a little messy.  Each camper will have his/her laundry washed and dried once per week. The cost is $17 per laundry bag and will be charged automatically to your camper’s camp store account. The laundry service picks up bags once each week and returns them a few days later.  It is important for each and every article of clothing (including EACH sock) to be labeled clearly with your camper’s first and last names.  TWO LAUNDRY BAGS ARE REQUIRED as campers will send out their laundry on Thursday and it will not come back until Monday. Laundry bags should also be clearly marked on the outside with camper’s full name. Lonehollow is not responsible for damage or loss, so please do not pack expensive or delicate clothing.


July 11 - August 9

July 11 - July 25

July 26 - August 9

Second Term

Term 2A

Term 2B


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