staying happy and healthy at camp

It is our top priority to keep everyone at camp healthy. However, Lonehollow is an active, adventure camp and accidents and illnesses do happen. Here’s what you need to know and how you can help.


Prior To Arrival and Opening Day

Your camper will be checked for lice, fever, and sore throat on Opening Day to ensure everyone is healthy from the start. You can help us by checking your child for lice or signs of illness (fever, fatigue, worsening cough, sore throat, etc.) before he or she arrives at camp.


On Opening Day, lice checks and all necessary lice treatment is performed by Lice Clinics of America. If you prefer to have your camper complete their lice check prior to arriving at camp, you can take them to a Lice Clinics of America clinic for a head screening. This pre-screening must be done within one week of Opening Day and must be completed at a Lice Clinics of America clinic. We will not accept pre-checks from other companies or clinics. For more information, you can view their website at


If your child is identified as having head lice on the first day of camp, meaning he/she was infected before arrival, we will contact you immediately to discuss treatment and cost. Your credit card on file will be charged $260 to cover the cost of treatment. If there is a confirmed case of lice in your camper’s cabin on or after the first day of camp, all campers in the cabin will be rechecked for lice mid-way through camp.  You will be notified immediately if head lice are present on your camper.  Additional information will be distributed in your camper’s closing packet if lice were present in your camper’s cabin. The following web page provides guidance on identifying and treating head lice: .


*** Please note campers will not be allowed into camp if we do not have all health forms completed in advance. ***


Once At Camp
We treat illnesses and injuries and administer all medications in our Health Lodge. It is staffed with two  health care professionals and two nursing assistants. We have a licensed medical provider who will come to camp to treat campers with any medical needs. The provider will be on-site Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays (as needed). If your camper needs to be seen during those days, you will receive a call in the morning from the Health Lodge to let you know they will be seen.  Payment for the service, $120 per visit, will be billed to your credit card on file.  If off-site care is required, we will transport sick or hurt campers to Kerrville to our camp pediatrician's office, an urgent care clinic, or the emergency room. Emergency transport services are also available via the Utopia Fire Department and two helicopter transport services.  Fees for those services will be billed directly to you from the provider.




All medications brought to camp MUST FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES BELOW:


Transport Of Medication:

All medications must be dispensed from the Health Lodge. Do not send ANY medications (even over-the-counter) in your camper’s luggage or backpack. ALL medications must be turned in at the bus check in to the bus chaperone or our staff at the front gate on Opening Day.


Vitamins and Supplements:

Please do NOT send any vitamins, probiotics, and/or herbal supplements. If your child has a vitamin deficiency, we will accept vitamins only with an accompanying prescription. Our nurses will store any non-prescription vitamins, supplements, and/or probiotics in the Health Lodge until Closing Day when we will return them to you.



ANY medications sent to camp MUST BE IN ORIGINAL CONTAINERS, PRESCRIBED TO THE CAMPER AND CANNOT BE EXPIRED. Please make sure the prescription label on the container shows your camper’s name, the name and strength of the drug, the current dosage, and the time(s) given. Please send your camper’s medication in a Ziploc bag clearly labeled with his/her name and date of birth on the outside.


Over-the-Counter Medication:

Please only send over-the-counter medication if your child takes the medication DAILY (Claritin, Singular, etc). We have a fully stocked cabinet of over-the-counter medications in the Health Lodge should a camper find themselves in need of anything from ibuprofen to anti-histamines. If you send over-the-counter medication for an as-needed basis, our Health Lodge Staff will use Camp Lonehollow’s over-the-counter medication instead of your camper’s. Like all medications, over-the-counter medications MUST BE IN THE ORIGINAL CONTAINER, CANNOT BE EXPIRED, and should be sent in a Ziploc bag clearly labeled with the camper’s name and date of birth.


Emergency Medications:

All asthma inhalers and epi-pens will be kept in the Health Lodge. If your camper must keep an inhaler or epi-pen with him/her for severe allergic reactions, please call and inform the Health Lodge (830-966-6612) on the first day of camp.  Please check expiration dates before sending emergency medications to camp.


Registering Your Child’s Medication:

Make sure your child’s regularly scheduled medication (prescription and over-the-counter) is registered in the medical forms section of your Lonehollow account with the correct dosage and time given. Please make sure the time and dosage that you enter matches the information on the prescription bottle. Once the nurses receive your child’s medication, they will check it against what you entered in your camper’s account. If there are any discrepancies, they will not be able to dispense the medication until they confirm all details with you.


Verifying Your Child’s Medication:

Once the Health Lodge team checks in your camper’s medication, you will receive an e-mail asking you to verify your camper’s medication and dosage instructions. If the nurses need to make a change in your camper’s medication, please make sure you respond to this e-mail as soon as possible.


ALL medications are kept in our Health Lodge.  At mealtimes, our Health Lodge staff sets up outside of the Dining Hall with the medication for all campers who take it at that time of the day. Campers who need medication are encouraged to stop, and nurses watch for them to walk by as well. If a camper fails to stop and take his/her medication before the meal, the nurse will find that camper in the Dining Hall before the meal to administer the medication.  Campers who need bedtime medication will visit the nurse at the Health Lodge after our Evening Program.  Prior to your camper’s arrival, please review with them what medications they should take at camp and when it should be administered (before breakfast, before lunch, etc.).  This will be a huge help to our nursing staff.


Should your camper require a new prescription or refill while at camp, our nurses will call the local CVS pharmacy in Kerrville and arrange for pick-up. New prescriptions or refills will be filed to the camper’s insurance we have on record. Payment will be processed using the parent’s credit card on file. We will notify parents before filling a prescription.



Special Medical Concerns

Each camper’s application was accepted on the condition that he/she is able to fully participate in camp activities. Medical conditions including, but not limited to, fainting spells, diabetes, seizures, physical handicaps, unusual allergies, unusual diet requirements, depression and/or other psychological conditions MAY preclude a child from participating in camp. If your child is impacted by any of these conditions or develops them after registering, you must call and discuss the situation with a Director. If your child should develop a communicable illness or be exposed to one just before camp, please call to discuss.




If your child regularly or occasionally wets the bed, please call the office to discuss the different options available to make your camper’s time at Lonehollow as comfortable as possible. We train our staff to be discreet in handling accidental bed-wetting. If a camper has an accident, he/she should immediately notify his/her cabin counselor for assistance. The counselor will have the sheets changed and soiled linens washed without anyone else knowing. Please send a waterproof mattress pad to camp if you know your camper tends to wet the bed. Ruined mattresses will be charged to the camper’s store account for replacement costs.



Should brackets or wires break or need repair while at camp, we will send campers to an orthodontist in Kerrville unless instructed otherwise.



Please send two pairs


New medications/ ill-advised medical holidays

Camp is NOT the best time to experiment with new medications or to discontinue daily medications. It can be very stressful on both campers and staff. If campers take daily medications to assist them in school settings, these medications will only continue to benefit them in a camp environment.   If you do have a change in medication before camp starts, please make sure you update your camper's online medical form found under Forms and Documents so our staff has the most current information.


Parent notification

In the event that a camper sustains anything more than a minor injury or spends more than 24 hours in the Health Lodge, parents will be consulted for care.


Prescription medication

Our medical professionals call a local pharmacy and arrange pick-up of prescription refills or new prescriptions. (See above under “Medication” for existing medications.)



If your camper requires shots of any nature while at camp, please contact a Director prior to camp to discuss.  It is HIGHLY recommended that campers be vaccinated each year with a flu shot.


Skin infections

In the event a camper is diagnosed with a bacterial skin infection, parents will be notified immediately.  Additional information will be distributed in your camper’s closing packet if a skin infection was present in your camper’s cabin.


Sleepwalking/nightmares - For your camper’s safety, please notify the office in advance if your child has sleep walking issues. We will make certain a cabin counselor is aware and that your child is placed in a bottom bunk. If your child suffers from recurring nightmares or night terrors, please note that in your health form along with techniques for soothing him/her back to sleep. We will share this information discretely with your child’s cabin counselors.


Special dietary restrictions

While Lonehollow will provide some substitutions, campers who require special dietary accommodations such as vegetarian, gluten-free, or dairy-free options may need to bring supplemental food to camp.  Your camper’s menu is uploaded to his/her account under Forms and Documents in order for you to determine if supplemental food is necessary.  If a main dish has a GF beside it, Lonehollow will offer a gluten free option. For any main dish with a V beside it, Lonehollow will offer a vegetarian option.  DF indicates the main dish will have a dairy free option.  When providing supplemental food for your camper, please do not send items containing any type of nut or nut product such as almond/cashew milk, Nutella, peanut butter, granola bars, etc.

Dietary Concerns

First, please be sure to review your camper’s menu which can be found on your camper’s account under Forms and Documents.  If supplemental food is necessary due to dietary accommodations (see above under “Special Dietary Restrictions”), please label each item with your camper’s name and deliver to the bus chaperone at bus check-in or our staff at the front gate on Opening Day.  The bus chaperone or staff member will pass the food on to our Support Staff Manager upon arrival.  That evening at dinner, our Support Staff Manager will show your camper where his/her food will be stored (on the counter or refrigerator right off the Dining Hall).  It is your camper’s responsibility to get the snacks or supplemental meals that he/she may need.  Your camper’s counselors will also have a list of food allergies and can assist each camper as needed.


Our goal is to help your camper become comfortable with being assertive, meeting his/her own needs, and speaking out when experiencing a challenge.  With this in mind, if your camper is hungry or needs additional food, please have him/her speak with a Director, Assistant Director, Support Staff Manager, Camp Mom, or Nurse.  We will make sure each camper has the proper nourishment.  The life skill of becoming self-reliant will help your camper when visiting friends, traveling, or in situations where he/she will have to be responsible for supplementing the food choices offered. Please feel free to call us for further explanation.


Health forms

ALL HEALTH FORMS MUST BE RETURNED TO LONEHOLLOW BY MARCH 1! Please note that the Physician Examination form is to be completed by your doctor and the examination needs to have been completed within one year of your camper’s arrival at Lonehollow.


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