It’s often said that camp is a great equalizer; it doesn’t matter who you are at home, you matter because you are here. The friendships and bonds made during the summer are what keep many of our campers coming back for year after year. It’s truly amazing to see a cabin of children from all over the country become lifelong friends who reunite during the year and sprint off of the bus in the summer to see their “camp friends”. Camp allows children to go beyond their normal scope of friends, to meet others who share their same interests or hobbies, and to foster authentic connections away from societal pressures.


Picture waking up every morning to 3,000 acres of rolling hills, fresh country air, and sparkling lakes…this is Lonehollow.  Campers live in natural rock cabins, sleep on custom-built cedar bunk beds with pillow-top mattresses, and store their belongings in a very large drawer underneath. Typically, there are 7-15 campers per cabin with 2-3 counselors. Great care and consideration are taken when assigning cabin mates. Cabin assignments are made after all forms and payments are complete and are based on grade. We strive to keep each cabin grouped by grade as possible, with attention to bunk mate requests.


The cabin is your camper’s home during their time at camp and they take great ownership of their cabin life. Cabins come up with yells or cheers, a handshake, or even a mascot! Also, each day, all cabin members contribute to morning clean-up, setting the table for meals, and sharing during afternoon Cabin Time. Each cabin is a home away from home!


Bunk beds in a cabin
boy writing a letter in his cabin
Silo cabins with air conditioning
treehouse cabins at coed summer camp

the dining experience

Developing and improving social skills – gearing for life – is all part of Lonehollow’s full-circle approach. Meals are served family-style and good dining etiquette is encouraged. Expanding our palettes and making manners a habit is important as our campers head into the world of college interviews and professional settings.


That being said, this IS camp! We like to have fun while we are all together in the Dining Hall. Music is an essential part of Lonehollow; you can tell it’s almost mealtime from the melodies playing over the speakers. Sometimes it’s silly songs to accompany crazy outfits on Wacky Wednesday, sometimes it’s the greatest hits of yesteryear on Throwback Thursday, and sometimes it’s the top kid-friendly hits of today. There are always voices singing and even a few post-meal performances on the stage!


What about the food? There are no frozen fish sticks and boxed macaroni here. Each day our chef prepares three well-balanced meals. You can always count on a hot breakfast with cereal available, plenty of fruits and vegetables with lunch and dinner, and entrées ranging from steak to chicken tenders. Ask any camper and they will tell you the best part is we serve homemade desserts every lunch and dinner!



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camp life

Bunk beds in a cabin
boy writing a letter in his cabin
Silo cabins with air conditioning
treehouse cabins at coed summer camp