7 Lonehollow Traditions to Get You Through Quarantine

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It’s been almost six weeks since the stay-at-home orders were first put in place and you might be starting to feel a little stir-crazy. When will all of this end? How many more celebrities are going to go live on Instagram? Yes, Netflix, I AM still watching.

While physically being at camp isn’t an option at the moment, you can still escape to Lonehollow by bringing these seven summer traditions into your home! 

Noodle Derby:

Are you lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard? Take advantage of the warm weather and host a Field Day classic – the Noodle Derby! Each participant places a pool noodle under their arms and swims two lengths of the pool in a race against the opposing team. This is a great activity for little ones who are looking to spruce up their swim skills before summer!

Fort Night:

No, not the video game! Fort Night is a rainy-day tradition at Lonehollow, an easy and fun backup plan for when the weather just won’t cooperate. Using only the items they can find in their cabins, campers and counselors create epic forts made out of bed sheets, blankets, pillows, and flashlights. Add a little Lonehollow to your living room then send us pictures of your fort!

Big Boppers:


Perhaps the most honored Lonehollow tradition (besides Crew events), Big Boppers are a summer staple. Set up camp in the kitchen and bring this easy-to-make dessert to life! You can go classic with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies or switch things up with sprinkles, sugar cookies, and crushed cereal. Whatever you decide, be sure to send us pictures!

Summer Reading:

Take a break from your screens and find a nice spot outside to cozy up with a good book. Nothing beats the view from the back porch of the Lake Lodge, but you CAN play this video for five hours of Lonehollow background noise as you lose yourself in your latest page turner.

Dance Party:

This one needs no explanation. Release some of your pent-up energy and dance it out to camp classics.

Sketching and Painting:

Did you know that coloring can improve your ability to focus and your hand-eye coordination while also relieving stress? Use some of the extra time you have on hand to go back to basics and color a picture. You can find printable crew crests here!

At-Home Adventure Race:

Get your blood pumping and host your own Adventure Race in your backyard! You can set up events like Soccer Dribble, Volleyball Serves, Egg Carry, and Cookie Eating, then race against your siblings (or the clock!) and end the night with a few crew yells! Don’t forget your crew paint! 

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