Advice for New Camper Families

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As summer approaches, you and your campers are probably beginning to wonder what to expect at camp.  There are many things that make the Lonehollow experience unique and who better to give you advice on making the most of it than 2019’s first-time campers and parents?  After all, they were in your shoes just last year!

What do you think 2020 first-time campers should know before they come to camp?

“Pack early so you can make sure you have all recommended items on the packing list!” – Madison

You can find the packing list and tips on the website and in the Forms and Documents section of your online account (Lonehollow Compass – pages 3-8).

“Bring chapter books and have as much fun as possible!” – Wells

“Don’t be worried about making friends.” – Olivia

“Don’t schedule all of your events with someone you know.  Break it up a little and meet new people.  Don’t worry so much about missing your family because you will have so much fun.” – Chance

Here are some tricks to picking the best activities and schedule for you!

“To not have any stress about it because it’s going to be so much fun.  If you get homesick, keep yourself busy.  Play games, read a book, have fun with your cabinmates, talk to your counselors, write letters.  Don’t just lie on your bed and think.  Be in the moment.” – Nicholas

You can help your camper prepare for homesickness by using these tips.

“That it [is] going to be a whole week of joy!” – Scarlett  

What do you think 2020 first-time camper parents should know before they send their child to camp?

“Know that your child(ren) are going to have a blast, starting the first minute they get there! The counselors and the entire staff are amazing, and are there to help in any way. They are quick and responsive and they care and truly get to know your child(ren). The kids make friends really quickly and their days are filled with so much fun.” – Yasemin and Marcus

“My main concern was safety.  My son assured me when he got home that there were safety briefings before every activity.” – Carlos and Carole

 Read about other safety procedures in last month’s blog!

“Tell your camper to smile for the cameras!” – Andrew and Ann

“Enjoy your time!” – Joe and Keri

 Your kids are enjoying their time and so should you!

“Relax!  Camp Lonehollow staff are well-versed in providing campers with a wonderful summer camp experience.” – Michelle and John

Get to know your camper’s support team!

Looking for more first-hand advice? 

See what our returning campers have to say to first-time campers!

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