Why Moms Love Lonehollow

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Guest Blog by Elizabeth Pagan

When Charlie was 8 years old, we decided it was time to try camp. I had spent the summers of my youth at camp in the beautiful Texas hill country and I wanted something similar for my son. All of his school friends had started going to camp a year before this, but Charlie was nervous about going so we waited. He wasn’t sure if he’d like it and he wasn’t sure about being away from home for so long.

We decided to start with the two week term to just test it out and just see how he it went. Well, I’ll tell you how it went. Charlie cried the entire way home after his two week pick up because he was NOT ready to leave. I believe his exact words were, “two weeks felt like two days!”

That was it.

He was hooked.

From then on, he spent four weeks at Camp Lonehollow every summer for the next seven years.

Choosing Lonehollow has been one of the best parenting decisions we have ever made. It has taught Charlie things that we might not have ever been able to teach him on our own. He has learned how to sail and how to paddle board, how to play goalie ball and gaga ball, how to how share a bathroom with 10 boys and how to navigate life without your parents around.

He has learned how exciting it is to try new things and that it is ok to fail. He has learned that winning humbly is just as important as losing gracefully. He has learned the importance of being a role model for younger campers and how fun it is to be a leader.

One of the most important things Lonehollow has given Charlie that we would have never been able to provide is the abundance of friendships he has made over the years. He has made friends of all ages from all over the globe. I would bet that he probably talks to someone from his Lonehollow family every single day.

His camp friends have come to his high school football games, he has gone to their birthday dinners, they have invited each other to dances and have even planned trips together. They are truly his second family, and I am positive Charlie will be friends with them for his entire life.

Simply put, Lonehollow is magical. Charlie has grown and matured in ways we could have never imagined and has made friends that will last a lifetime. It has been such a gift to our family and we are forever grateful.

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