Safety First, Safety Always

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Although we emphasize the full circle concept of learning skills from beginning to end and becoming Geared to Live through asset building at camp, our top concern at Lonehollow is camper safety.  We strive to ensure everyone has a fun, but safe experience as soon as they cross over Taylor Mountain.


We place such an emphasis on protecting our campers that we require every person who will be on the Lonehollow property throughout the summer to complete an online training about child abuse prevention.  We are accredited by Praesidium, a leading organization in abuse prevention, and follow strict guidelines in an effort to ensure each camper is protected while at camp.

Staff Training

The weeks before campers arrive at Lonehollow are a busy, exciting time around camp!  We are training our counselors and staff on everything they need to know to have a successful summer – cabin life, teaching classes, daily schedule, first aid, child abuse prevention – the list goes on and on!  We want to make sure that no matter what our staff faces this summer, they feel prepared.


Medical Forms

In January, you’ll see forms uploaded to your online account that need to be completed by March.  Several of these forms have to do with your camper’s health and wellness.  It is important to submit these forms in a timely manner, so that our nurse administrator can look over them and contact parents with any questions he or she may have.  This also gives the Full Time Staff time to get to know each camper’s needs while they are at camp.



Like I mentioned in last month’s blog, we have two Registered Nurses, two Nurse Assistants, and our staff on call 24/7.  They are the ones who will distribute medications, assess campers who don’t feel well, and communicate with both you and our PA about any issues or concerns.


Health Lodge

We have a fully stocked Health Lodge, which is where campers will find our Nurses and Nurse Assistants throughout the day.  We store campers’ medications here as well as over the counter medications for as-needed situations.


Wellness Checks

On the first day of camp, one of the first things campers do is a wellness check.  Our Health Lodge staff check throats and take temperatures while the Lice Clinics of America staff conduct hair checks.  We want to make sure that each camper starts camp healthy and ready for fun!  If we find any indications that a camper is sick or has lice, we can get a head start on treating them, so they can get back to the action as soon as possible.


Safety Guidelines

In each activity area, we have a posted list of safety guidelines that campers must follow while in that class, which are reviewed at the beginning of each period.  By setting our expectations early, we hope to prevent any accidents that may occur during an activity.




This summer will be an exciting adventure for each new camper, and we want it to be exciting for you, too!  If you have any questions about our safety procedures, please feel free to contact me at or 830-966-6600.

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