Your Camper’s Support Team

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Deciding your child is ready for a summer away at camp is a big decision.  It comes with excitement, questions, and plenty of nerves.   Most first-year campers are on their own for the first time, which can be nerve-wracking for parents.  But the good news is we’re willing to stand in for you while your camper is with us!  We have the very best support team set up to help your camper gain independence and confidence while at Lonehollow.



Your camper’s counselors will be like parents for the week or two (or four) they are with us.  Campers have the chance to experience and learn from many counselors throughout their session.  There are one to three counselors living in each cabin and each activity is taught by one to three counselors as well.


Division Directors

Division Directors are counselors that have shown leadership potential and are hired to focus on a specific age group.  They are in charge of supporting all of the campers and counselors in that age group by checking on the cabins at meals, Rest Period, and before bed to ensure everything is going well and providing help as needed.


Department Heads

Department Heads are also counselors that have shown leadership potential and are hired to lead a specific activity department.  They are in charge of supporting all campers and counselors in that department by checking on the activities throughout the day and providing help as needed.


Assistant Directors and Directors

If our counselors, Division Directors, or Department Heads feel a camper needs more support, our Assistant  Directors and Directors are always available to help problem solve.  Adrienne and Lindsay focus primarily on counselors, while Jeanne and Tyler focus on the campers and the issues they face while at camp.


New Camper and Parent Coordinator

My job as the New Camper and Parent Coordinator is to be there for both you and your camper as you begin your camping journey.  I will be available all year to answer any questions you have, help you with forms, and encourage your family as you get ready for camp.  During the summer, I will check in on your camper throughout their session and send you updates.  If you’re feeling nervous or haven’t received a letter from your camper, let me know and I will send you a picture to assure you that everything is okay!



Our Health Lodge is staffed with two Registered Nurses and two Nurse Assistants, who are in college nursing programs.  The Health Lodge is available 24/7 for campers who are sick or not feeling well.  The Nurses handle all camper medications and injuries.  They will keep you informed if your camper is in the Health Lodge for over 24 hours or if they need to head to the doctor in Kerrville.


Camp Moms

Since you won’t be there if your camper is a little homesick or needs a quick pep talk, we hire two moms of campers to be Camp Moms.  They do cabin inspections, help with sunscreen at Refuel (snack time), and check on campers throughout the day.




We know it’s tough to let your camper spread their wings, but we promise to support and encourage them throughout their time at camp just like you would!



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