Life’s Greatest Moments

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We’ve all heard the speech at Closing Ceremony. The one about friendships made at camp. 

“But today I show my love and appreciation for what keeps me coming back…my Lonehollow friends. The ones who will be with me for a lifetime.”

Every year, every term, one camper has the opportunity to speak these iconic words to the hundreds of people gathered in the Amphitheater who all believe in Lonehollow’s mission of enriching lives, strengthening connections, and building lasting relationships with our community.

But what do these words mean?

How do they come into play in the real world, outside of camp and a bi-weekly Closing Ceremony?

What does Lonehollow do to make sure the words of this speech ring true when the campers step up to the microphone? 

During the summer it’s obvious. We provide campers with an opportunity to make memories and ignite new friendships with the people around them. These friendships then grow, nurtured and cultivated over the course of time spent at Lonehollow, whether it’s two weeks or ten years.

But what about after the summer? How do you encourage this rare and unique type of friendship throughout the year?

“Friends who know me best, who support me in everything I do, and friends who I know will always be there for me.”

As we all know, the best way to encourage friendship is to model it.

We posted on social media asking our campers to tell us about their extracurricular activities and to send us their schedules so we could support them. The response was overwhelming! Campers were so excited at the prospect of Lonehollow showing up that some sent dates and times for events that would take place months in the future. We even received an invitation to a birthday party in February 2020! 

From football games to school plays to one year cancer-free celebrations, we’ve spent the last few months traveling across the state to show our community that we care about them and the lives they lead both at camp and at home.

Attending events was an opportunity for us to remind our families that the friends you make at Lonehollow will be with you forever, celebrating your achievements and lifting you up when you fall, long after the summer ends. It was a way for us to embody the friendship mentioned in the Closing Ceremony speech, in hopes that it will resonate even louder with our campers in the years to come.

“And when I am away from Lonehollow, I know this to be true: no matter where my personal journey takes me, who I meet or what I become, it will be my Lonehollow friends with whom I share, and whom I want to share, life’s greatest moments.”

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