We Are (Still) Lonehollow

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Last March, we announced a change in ownership. One that was met with a whirlwind of questions and confusion.

There would only be three more summers of camp? But what about the kids? What about the crews? What about the Lonehollow Legacy?

The news took us all by surprise, and while the majority of our families stayed with us through summer 2019, some are still on fence about returning in 2020.

And we get it! Why sign up again if we’ll only be around for a few more summers?

But here’s the thing. We may only have two summers left at Lonehollow, but we are committed to making them the best two summers ever.

Because we still believe in Lonehollow. We still believe in Growth, Empowerment, Adventure, and Resilience. We still believe in crews and Wacky Wednesdays and singing in the Dining Hall.

Because we still cherish Lonehollow. We still cherish the Field Day cheers and the Vespers tears and every moment in between.

And because we still love Lonehollow. We still love the view from Rattlesnake and the way the stars shine so brightly every night that you don’t even need a flashlight to walk back to your cabin from Evening Program.

And we’re sure your campers do, too. Why else would you still be here?

A summer spent at any camp is special and magical in its own right. But a summer spent at Lonehollow? Well, that’s a limited edition. That’s something only a small group of people can ever claim to have experienced. That’s a bond that can never be broken.

Lonehollow is like that old Aggie saying, “From the outside looking in, you can’t understand it. And from the inside looking out, you can’t explain it.” Isn’t it better for your kids to experience all that Lonehollow has to offer for a short amount of time than to never experience it at all?

So if you haven’t already, register now for summer 2020. We still have so much love to offer our campers, so many life lessons to teach them, so many memorable moments to share, and just a short amount of time to do it. Which means the next two summers, our last two summers, are bound to be the best ones yet.

We’ll be there, soaking it all in and making every moment count. Will you?

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