Truly Geared to Live

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Here at Lonehollow we are truly “Geared to Live,” and we strive to help our campers become Geared to Live, as well. Through our core values of growth, empowerment, adventure, and resilience we are able to accomplish this goal.

Growth: We inspire our campers to grow beyond what they imagined for themselves. Experiencing camp allows for growth beyond what would be possible living in the city, but experiencing Lonehollow leads to so much more. We teach the full circle concept at Lonehollow. Campers are taught skills from beginning to end. For example, in a fishing class, campers are taught how to bait a hook, cast a line, reel in their fish, and even how to cook the fish on the last day of class! This style of teaching takes place in each class that is offered in our seven different departments, which is why your children will leave Lonehollow truly “Geared to Live.”

Empowerment: Campers are empowered to accomplish great things at Lonehollow. We teach skills at camp that will empower them to be successful later in life. At picnics, in order to get candy, each child must look a member of Full-Time Staff in the eyes and introduce themselves, and ask politely for candy. This teaches the kids confidence when talking to adults and how to be both respectful and polite. Each morning, campers are required to work together as a cabin to clean in hopes of winning the Golden Plunger, an award given to the cleanest cabin. This teaches kids the power of teamwork and responsibilities, and shows them that if they do not do their part it will affect the rest of the team. Campers have the opportunity to qualify in their classes to reach new levels and expand their skillset. When doing so, they earn points towards winning the Crew Banner at the end of the term. The campers feel empowered by this because they are actively contributing to helping their crew, along with learning and perfecting new skills.

Adventure: Camp is fun! It inspires kids to be outdoors, seek adventure, and try new things. At Lonehollow, each child has the opportunity to create their own schedules, filled with classes that provide their own individual sense of adventure. Campers get the opportunity to hone skills in areas they have experience, but also get the chance to try new activities that they may have never heard of before, such as Mountain Boarding or Fused Glass. Each Wednesday, campers hike to their crew’s secret location. This experience is new to some and comfortable to others. The 8th Grade Campout is another great example of our campers embracing the adventure of camp. Each session, our 8th graders take a hike and sleep outside, under the stars. They all gather together to cook their dinner outside before the girls and boys part ways for the night.

Resilience: Challenges arise around every corner, whether it be trying to get to the top of the rock-wall, difficulties with a friend, or wondering which side of the plate to place the fork. At Lonehollow, there are many different ways we instill resilience in our campers. Through our MWF/TTS schedule campers have ample opportunities to return to their classes with the hopes of conquering any challenge that presents itself. Each day, counselors lead Cabin Time, a specific time set aside after lunch and before rest-hour, to help build the 40 Developmental Assets we aim to instill in each camper. These help to bond the cabin and to create a safe space. They are also helpful for teaching the campers how to confront an issue in a respectful manner.

Camp Lonehollow is an incredible place where children are able to grow beyond their limits. They obtain skills that will empower them in their future endeavors and learn to go about life with a sense of adventure. Through their experiences, they become resilient, able to face any obstacles with confidence. At Camp Lonehollow, your camper will genuinely be, “Geared to Live.”

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