How Writing Letters Can Set Your Campers Up For Success

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Attending a summer camp is a unique experience for each camper that attends. It is a place where children are able to grow in ways in which they are unable during the school year. Kids “unplug” from the distractions of the outside world and focus on honing new skills and fostering new relationships. Friendships blossom at summer camp because of the amount of quality time spent with each other. However, with all of these exciting new experiences and flourishing new friendships, campers often wish they had a portal to the outside world to share these adventures with the people that mean the most to them—their friends and family. Being that there are no electronics permitted at camp, our campers are forced to learn yet another valuable skill—letter writing!

Here at Lonehollow, we encourage our campers to write home to update their friends and family members on the happenings of camp, whether that’s about their new friends, classes, or our fun-filled Evening Programs. Similarly, we encourage the friends and family of our campers to write them letters. This can be done through traditional “snail mail” or through CampMinder, where you can purchase stamps to send emails, which will be printed and given to your camper daily.

Letter writing has more long-term benefits than originally meets the eye. Writing letters back and forth with your camper instills Asset #1, Family Support. This communication helps the camper to feel their customary support system despite the fact that they are many miles from home. When your camper feels their opinions are valued they will be more likely to openly share more of their camp experience with you, which builds Asset #2, Positive Family Communication. Building this asset early on will help your camper to be more open in communicating with you in the future. Check out this video for more information on letter writing and some tips from one of our Directors, Adrienne Grubb.

And while a simple letter or email goes a long way in making your camper’s day just a little bit brighter, nothing beats the excitement that comes from receiving a care package!

You can order pre-made and custom care packages online at the camp store website, Lonehollow Outfitters . Care packages can include everything from t-shirts to toys to toiletries. If you order a care package from the Lonehollow Outfitter, we will put it together and deliver it to your camper’s cabin with a handwritten note. If you would like to send your camper a care package from home, please remember to use a padded envelope. Boxes will not be accepted unless it is for a camper’s birthday.

You can also order other items online for yourself and we will mail them to you! Show up on Closing Day wearing the latest Lonehollow gear or support your camper’s crew in a Columbia PFG !

Feel free to call the Camp Store with any questions at 830-966-6609!

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