Understanding Your Camper’s Experience

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Camp is a unique, memorable, and heartfelt place where campers make lifelong friends and create memories that will last them a lifetime. You already know from your research that Lonehollow’s mission is to enrich lives, strengthen connections, and create lasting relationships, but have you ever wondered what exactly it is about camp that makes it so special to your kids? A big part of it is the programming and traditions, but the biggest impact camp has on kids comes from the little details, the everyday rituals and routines that are unique to the summer camp experience.

We’ve listed out a few of the everyday aspects of camp life that are so different from everyday life in the outside world to help you put your camper’s Lonehollow experience into perspective.


-Lonehollow has a no electronics policy, so campers and counselors can be fully engaged in the outdoor, summer camp experience. By turning off your electronics for an hour a day, you can get a small taste of how your campers feel while they are away.

Spend some time outside!

-Going on a hike, taking a moment to watch the sunset, or sitting outside and stargazing can really put your surroundings into perspective. Remember, you and your camper look at the same moon every night!

Carry a water bottle wherever you go!

-How many times have you told yourself you’re going to start drinking more water? Maybe summer is the perfect time to start! We encourage our campers to stay hydrated while they’re having fun by carrying their water bottles with them all day. Challenge yourself to do the same (and compare how many times you misplace your bottle with how many times your camper does!)

Daily Reflection!

-At the end of each day, when all the fun has settled and campers are getting ready for bed, some counselors ask them to reflect on their day. Your camper may have been in a cabin that made it routine to share their highs and lows of the day or write down something sweet that someone else did for them. Take a moment while your kids are gone to reflect on your day, and then continue the tradition once they return from camp.

Have a jam session!

-Music is a big part of the Lonehollow experience. From Sweet Caroline in the Dining Hall to classic hits in the Amphitheater, the soundtrack for the summer is something your camper will never forget! Click here https://open.spotify.com/playlist/50MLY62AMEbwIVG5nI9XIt?si=vijtqtMjTH6TMZM9An4Uug to stream the Lonehollow playlist from this summer and years past so you and your camper can sing along in the car on the way home from Closing Ceremony!

Greet everyone you see with a smile and a wave!

– It may seem a little unrealistic, but here at camp, we greet everyone with a smile and a wave and go out of our way to use each other’s names. It’s not uncommon to see someone high five a friend or give a quick hug to a counselor as they pass each other on the way to class. If you want to understand your camper’s experience, make an effort to greet the people you interact with enthusiastically every time you see them! You’ll quickly notice how nice it feels to be friendly!

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