How to Speak Lonehollow

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Traditions at summer camp come with the territory. Every camp has its own rituals, ceremonies, and inside jokes, and Lonehollow is no exception. From crews to Big Boppers to the Pink River Dolphin, a conversation about camp is usually full of confusing terminology.

With summer right around the corner, we put together a dictionary for you, so that the next time your camper mentions Vespers or Refuel, you’ll know exactly what he’s talking about!

1,2,3 Texas

This is Lonehollow’s signature attention-getter. We use it all the time but especially in the Dining Hall to signal the beginning of announcements. When someone counts to three, everyone else yells “Texas,” holds up their hands in the shape of Texas, and quiets down so announcements can be heard.

Adventure Race

The Adventure Race is a giant relay race through camp that takes place on the night before Field Day. Every camper participates and competes for his/her crew in events like Archery, Soccer Dribble, and Cookie Eating.

Big Boppers

Big Boppers are a Field Day tradition. We serve this snack made of chocolate chip cookies and vanilla ice cream at Refuel on the last full day of camp and they are always a hit.


On their first night of camp, all two and four-week campers draw for their crew from the Old Spanish Log. Campers become a Tracker, Explorer, or Mountaineer and compete with their crew throughout the term to win points toward the Crew Banner, which is announced at Closing Ceremony.

Crew Canoe

Crew Canoe is the final event on Field Day. Four paddlers from each crew navigate an individual boat in a race across the lake. These paddlers are chosen at the beginning of camp and practice throughout the term. The winning crew gets their name engraved on the Crew Canoe plaque.

Crew Leaders

Crew Leaders serve as coaches, motivators, supporters and role models for the campers in each of our three crews. There are three Crew Leaders (at least one boy and one girl) for every crew.

Crew Outpost

Outpost is a sacred meeting spot where crews gather on Wednesday evenings. Each crew has their own Outpost and no one knows the location of any crew’s outpost except for their own.

Field Day

This is a day of competition between the three crews. Campers compete in individual and team events for classes in which they have excelled throughout the term. Field Day takes place on the last full day of each two-week session.

The Golden Plunger

The Golden Plunger is a trophy awarded to one boys’ cabin and one girls’ cabin for consistently good scores on cabin inspection. It sits on the cabins’ tables in the Dining Hall until the Camp Moms recognize another cabin.


Limos are how we get around camp! These modified trucks can hold up to 18 people!


Navigators are campers who stay at Lonehollow for four weeks! They get special Refuels on Thursdays and also go on a day trip in between the A and B terms.

The Pink River Dolphin

Did you know that an Amazonian Pink River Dolphin lives in the lake at Lonehollow? It usually stays under the blob and only comes out at night, so only a very lucky few campers have ever caught a glimpse of it.


This is the crew made up of counselors! Pioneers wear blue and can be heard shouting “POW POW” anytime someone calls for them.


The Qualification system is a level system by which campers can earn patches and crew points by mastering the skills taught in certain activities on the Waterfront and in the Adventure and Horseback Departments.


Refuel is snack time! It happens twice every day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. There are snacks, music, and lots of dancing.


On the last night of camp, each cabin gathers on the Soccer Field to pay tribute to the memories made throughout the term. There are usually some tears!

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