Helping Your Camper Make the Most of their Summer

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Every day at Lonehollow is filled with opportunities for campers to make good choices. We give our kids the freedom to choose their own activity schedules, to qualify in their classes, to earn crew points and run for Maverick. By allowing campers to decide how they want to spend their days at Lonehollow, we encourage everyone to own their camp experience.

But owning your experience doesn’t just mean choosing fun classes and becoming a Trailblazer. Owning your experience means making choices that allow not only you, but also the people around you, to have the best possible time at camp. This includes respecting yourself and others, displaying good sportsmanship, and upholding the traditions and ideals of Lonehollow.

The Lonehollow Camper Pledge (which can be found in the Lonehollow Compass) outlines these expectations. On the first day of every two-week session, campers meet with their Division Directors to review the pledge.

The Camper Pledge is not meant to be a list of rules, but rather a guideline. By following these steps, each camper can ensure a fun and memorable experience not only for themselves, but also for their friends, their cabin mates, and their fellow crew members.

This summer, in an effort to encourage good decision making, we’re asking our oldest campers to sign the Camper Pledge on the first day of camp. Whether they realize it or not, the oldest kids play a big part in shaping the culture of each two-week session. We want them to be aware of the influence they have over the younger campers and each other and encourage them to lead by example.

By signing the Camper Pledge, our Adventurers, Lead Climbers, and LITs are agreeing to step up to the plate and be positive role models for the rest of camp. They are promising to follow their Cabin Constitutions, to participate willingly in activities, to stay unplugged, and to respect Lonehollow. They are promising to own their experiences and, in turn, positively influence other campers’ experiences.

While the oldest kids are the ones signing the pledge, everyone at camp is expected to follow it. You can help ensure a positive experience for your campers by reviewing the Camper Pledge with them before they head to camp this summer. You can find the Camper Pledge in the Lonehollow Compass in your CampinTouch Account under Forms and Documents.

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