30 Tips for Your First Summer at Camp Lonehollow

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As camp gets closer, excitement and nerves grow bigger!  It is perfectly normal for both campers and parents to get that anxious, first-day-of-school feeling before a summer away at camp.  To help calm your nerves, we reached out to one of our most valuable assets—our returning campers—for some tips.

The question was simple:  What advice would you give a new Lonehollow camper?


Don’t be afraid to be your true self because everyone loves you at camp for who you are

Try something new for your classes.  You may not like it, but it is always good to try!

Go all out on Theme Nights

Don’t be shy!  Everybody wants to make new friends

Write letters home!

Leave your comfort zone.  Meet as many people as possible.  My best friends are camp friends.

Find someone who knows their way around because you’ll be talking to them A LOT

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Go to camp and hold nothing back. Make as many memories as possible because it flies by!

Don’t switch out of a class if you don’t have any friends in it.  You will make friends!

Don’t be afraid to have fun

We are your family, and if you need anything, just ask!

Always ask for pictures when you have the chance

The more fun you have, the less homesick you will feel, so make new friends and enjoy yourself

Bring your A game to all the events

Remember, no one knows who you are in the real world.  Be whoever YOU want to be!

Bring friendship bracelet string, you’ll learn how to make them and will want string

Try to be as open as possible if you’re shy

Never forget your water bottle, name tag, and closed-toe shoes

Be your best and greatest self, and don’t be afraid to show your FULL personality!

Be open to trying new things because you never know what you’ll find fun until you try it!

Make friends because camp friends will know you best

Label everything you own!

Enjoy every second at camp and don’t be afraid to be yourself

Stay positive!  No matter what, try to look at the bright side.  It’ll make you feel a lot better!

Make every minute at camp count and challenge yourself in every way possible

Don’t re-use clothes, especially socks

Keep your drawer organized and be prepared for the best experience of your life

Don’t be afraid to be exactly who you want to be.  Jump out of your comfort zone and dance like crazy!

Try new things and be open to new people because they will change your life!

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