GaGa Ball and Archery and Puppy Park, Oh My! – Tips for Picking Classes

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This week, you will get the chance to preference the classes you would like to take at camp this summer.  With 60+ activities, you might be wondering how in the world you will be able to choose just a few!  Here are some tips to keep in mind when filling out your Activity Selection form.

  • Your schedule will be based off of your preferences
    • 2-week and 4-week campers will choose 15 classes, but will only take 12 classes at camp
      • 6 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday
      • 6 on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
    • Sprocket campers will choose 9 classes, but will only take 6 at camp
      • 6 every day (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
  • You will only be able to take classes that are on your preference list
    • 2-week and 4-week campers that are 5th grade or older will make their own schedule on Opening Day using their preference lists
    • All Sprockets and any 2-week and 4-week campers that are 4th grade or younger will have their schedule made by our Activity Director using their preference lists
  • List classes in the order that you most want to take them
    • First is the class you want the most; last is the class you still want, but will be okay if you don’t take
    • Some of our more popular classes fill up faster and will need to be in your top 5 on your preferences in order to take them
    • If you would like to take Horseback or SCUBA classes, make sure those are in the top half of your list
  • Think about your interests
    • With so many activities to choose from, there is sure to be something that matches your interests! If you love art, check out our Sketching/Painting, Leather Works, or Camp Crafts.  If you love being in the water, we have Canoeing/Kayaking, Swimming, and Water Games.
  • Try something new
    • Camp is a great place to try new things! Maybe you’ve always wanted to play guitar or learn to cook?  Catch a fish or play basketball?  Watch our Department Videos to find classes that look interesting!
  • Add a mixture of classes – inside vs. outside, active vs. relaxed
    • Summer days are usually hot, so make sure you sign up for some indoor and laid back classes too! Game On, Table Tennis, Illusions, and Photography are calmer activities that would be a good chance to rest in between active or outdoor classes.
  • Earn Qualifications
    • Qualifications are levels that you can pass each summer in some activities to show you have mastered a set of skills. Most Adventure, Waterfront, and Horseback classes have Qualifications for you to work on.  Qualifications are also a way for you to earn points for your crew and a patch for yourself!
  • There is always a chance for you to change your schedule
    • 2-week and 4-week campers will be able to change their schedules after trying each class one time. If you go to a class and decide it’s not for you, then we can find another activity for you to try!

No matter which classes you decide are best for you, you are bound to have a blast at Camp Lonehollow this summer!

2-week and 4-week campers: Click here for a full list of our 60+ activities

Sprocket campers: Click here for a full list of our available Sprocket activities

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