Activity Spotlight: 2-week, 4-week, and Sprocket Campers

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In January, you will be receiving forms similar to the beginning of the school year, but these are a little more fun!  Among the Health forms will be Bunk Requests, an All About Me, and Activity Preferences!  The Activity Preference Sheet is one of the most awaited as this is what the campers use to preference the top 15 classes they would like to take.  When campers arrive at camp, they will create a schedule of 12 classes using their preferences (younger campers’ schedules will be done by the Activity Director).  Sprockets will preference 9 classes and our Activity Director will build their schedules to include 6 different activities based on their preference sheets. 

Activities at Lonehollow fall into 7 departments ranging from Adventure and Sports to Arts and Waterfront.  In order to prepare you and your campers for activity preferences, here is a spotlight of some of the most popular classes at Lonehollow.


Rock Wall (completed 4th grade)

Get ready to feel like you’re climbing Mt. Everest!  Our rock wall is 30 feet tall with plenty of routes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced climbers.  Campers will learn skills from identifying and properly using climbing equipment to demonstrating handholds and footholds.


Archery (completed 3rd grade)

When you think of summer camp, you most likely think of archery!  Our archers will learn the parts of a bow and arrow, how to establish eye dominance and aim, and how to shoot accurately at a range of distances.



Leather Works (additional $7 fee)

Looking to make a unique art project?  Campers choose stamps to customize homemade leather items such as key chains, bookmarks, and their name tags.




Sketching and Painting

Ever get an idea in your head that you just need to draw? In Sketching and Painting, campers will discover different drawing and painting techniques to express their creativity.



Puppy Park (1st-7th grade)

This is the perfect class for dog lovers with all levels of experience!  Learn how to take care of a puppy from using simple training commands to walking, bathing, and grooming.  Campers also learn fun facts about the puppy’s breed!




Are you the next Iron Chef?  Cooking at Lonehollow is fun no matter what age you are!  1st-4th graders will learn the basics of cooking and prepare snacks and small dishes in an outdoor kitchen.  Older campers will cook their creations over an open fire.



Western Trail

Saddle up and take a ride on one of our many trails at camp!  This class is designed for campers with all levels of riding ability.  Campers will be paired with a horse of a similar skill level that they will groom, bathe, and ride throughout the term.


Pathfinder Horseback (2nd-4th grade)

This introductory class is great for campers who love horses, but haven’t had a lot of experience.  Young riders will learn safety, grooming, saddling, and basic horsemanship skills and will get a chance to ride in the paddock and on a trail.


Performing Arts


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so get ready to tell the story of camp through the camera lens! Campers discover how to use lighting, spacing, and framing to take great photographs from all around camp.



Campers immerse themselves in the world of magic as they learn basic card tricks and practice sleight of hand.



Gaga Ball (2nd-7th grade)

You’ve got to be quick in this classic camp activity!  Gaga Ball is a fast-paced game played in an octagonal pit where you attempt to hit other players with a ball below the knees while trying to dodge the ball yourself.  The last player to remain untouched is the winner!



Grab your racket (or borrow one of ours) and hit the court!  Campers of all skill levels practice the basics of tennis and play matches against each other.



Water Games

If you’re looking for a fun way to cool off and beat the heat, this is the perfect class for you!  Campers spend class playing on our water toys, including the Water Wheel, Blob, Zipline, and AquaTrack.



Another camp classic!  Campers learn beginner to advanced paddling strokes and techniques as they progress through this class.  It’s a great way to spend a morning or afternoon on the lake!


We love that campers own their own experience while at Lonehollow by picking classes that interest them.  Whichever classes you choose to take, you’re sure to have a fun-filled summer!

Click here for a full list of our 60+ activities

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