Activity Spotlight: Short Term Campers

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In January, you will be receiving forms similar to the beginning of the school year, but these are a little more fun!  Among the Health forms will be Bunk Requests, an All About Me, and the Camper Compass, which has information about camp life including a sample activity schedule.

With activities, our Short Term campers get the best of both worlds – a chance to try a large variety classes and the ability to travel with their cabin.  This allows the campers to get to know each other better while providing them with more support moving between classes.  These classes fall into 7 departments ranging from adventure and sports to arts and waterfront.  Short Term campers will participate in classes from each of our departments, except for Horseback (although they will get a chance to visit the horses on Barn Night).

In order to prepare you and your campers for their activities, here is a spotlight of some of the most popular Short Term classes at Lonehollow.



Adventure 101

Get ready for adventure in this action-packed class!  Campers explore the great outdoors as they hunt for arrowheads, build forts, hike, and do scavenger hunts.






Leather Works

Looking to make a unique art project?  Campers choose stamps to customize homemade leather items such as key chains, bookmarks, and their name tags.




Your hands are your tools in this fun and messy art class!  Campers learn how to work with clay as a medium to build their own creations, glaze them the perfect color, and fire them in our kilns.




Puppy Park

This is the perfect class for dog lovers with all levels of experience!  Learn how to take care of a puppy from using simple training commands to walking, bathing, and grooming.  Campers also learn fun facts about the puppy’s breed!



Mad Science

Campers channel their inner scientist as they complete fun experiments during this exciting class!




Performing Arts


Campers are the stars of the show in this entertaining class!  Campers practice impressions and improv skills all while trying to stay in character!




Campers immerse themselves in the world of magic as they learn basic card tricks and practice sleight of hand.






Gaga Ball

You’ve got to be quick in this classic camp activity!  Gaga Ball is a fast-paced game played in an octagonal pit where campers try to hit other players with a ball below the knees while trying to dodge the ball themselves.  The last player to remain untouched is the winner!



Water Games

If you’re looking for a fun way to cool off and beat the heat, this is the perfect class for you!  Campers spend class playing on our water toys, including the Water Wheel, Blob, Zipline, and AquaTrack.



We love giving Short Term Campers the opportunity to experience a little taste of all that Lonehollow has to offer.  No matter what your interests are, you’re sure to have a fun-filled summer!

Click here to see a sample Short Term schedule!

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