There’s a new trend making its rounds that emphasizes the importance of gifting experiences to kids, rather than material items that will lose their luster in a few short weeks. Aunts and uncles, grandparents and godparents, even moms and dads are looking to present the kids in their lives with new and exciting opportunities for Christmas, Hanukkah, and December birthdays.

The ideal experience is fun and impactful. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it should be memorable. It should be something your kids can look back on with a smile.

Here are five reasons why a summer at camp is the perfect holiday experience for the kids you love. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!


Lifelong Friendships

Camp gives kids the opportunity to surround themselves with like-minded people while also exposing them to different personality types. The unique experiences of sharing a cabin, participating in the same activities, and cheering on the same crew build lasting and unbreakable bonds between campers. Even if your camper only spends two weeks out of the year with his camp friends, the memories and connections he’ll make with his fellow campers will last a lifetime and may even come in handy some day. It’s like networking for kids!


Free to be Me

Summer camp allows every kid the opportunity to be herself. Together, campers and counselors create their own cabin culture where your camper has the chance to decide who she wants to be. Kids are able to break free from any previous labels or perceptions that may have shaped who they are at home and step into a role that feels more comfortable.


Independence and Empowerment are Reinforced by Success

Nothing encourages independence in kids more than time spent away from their parents. By sending your kids to camp, you’re allowing them to understand the effort and thought that goes into making good decisions. Lonehollow campers are empowered every day to own their experiences and make good choices. They learn to turn inward and rely on themselves while also leaning on their peers for support. Every little mistake is a learning experience and every little victory is that much sweeter when campers know they have made their own choices.


Camp Instills Appreciation and Gratitude

On the other hand, time away from mom and dad also provides your camper with a new-found appreciation for all that you do. It’s exciting to become more independent, but nothing beats the comforts of home. The little things you do for your campers on a daily basis (making her bed, picking out his clothes, keeping track of her schedule) won’t go unnoticed after they’ve done it all themselves. It might take more than just one summer for the appreciation to sink in and stick, but it will begin to take shape at camp.


Camp is FUN

Summer camp is many things. It is empowering and enlightening, lasting and impactful. Camp is good for getting kids out of their comfort zones and into their element. It’s about making new friends and discovering lifelong talents and skills. But camp is also an opportunity for kids to just be kids. It is days spent laughing and learning and playing without a care in the world. Summer camp is many things, but mostly it is fun.


Check out Lonehollow’s website if you or any of the people in your life would like to gift your camper an amazing and memorable experience. Current families can contact the office for more information on Lonehollow gift certificates.

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