Every summer a handful of Lonehollow parents pack their bags, dust off their fanny packs, and lace up their tennis shoes as they make their way to camp.

Camp Moms whip out their inspection clipboards and brush up on how to help homesick campers. Nurses trade the hospital for the Health Lodge and the receptionist breaks out her phone voice. The Bus Chaperones arrive bright and early at the bus stop, ready to soothe nervous parents and keep excited campers safely in their seats.

These parents are an integral part of Lonehollow, and we love that we’re able to include our families not only in the off-season, but also during the summer. As the holiday season kicks off and we reflect on the many things we have to be thankful for, we wanted to spotlight a few of the parents who return year after year to help us keep camp running smoothly.


“For me camp is about disconnecting from the busy day-to-day life and being fully present. It may not seem like that’s possible working in the busy Health Lodge, but it’s a welcome slow down, where I get to be part of an amazing team.” -Joy Custer, Nurse

Matt Montez –Mechanic

Matt first came to camp as a chaperone for a Saint Mary’s Hall field trip. After fixing a set of mountain bikes he came across, Matt decided to join the Lonehollow staff and he and his family have been with us since 2014. Along with Chad, he keeps all our equipment up and running including the blob, the limos, and of course, the mountain bikes. For that and for Matt we are thankful.

Emily Shackelford – Camp Mom

Emily began working at Lonehollow in summer 2015 and every day since has been a treat. She brings her own flair to the Camp Mom position (i.e. Mr. and Mrs. Golden Plunger) and is a well-known supporter of the (un)official camp holiday, Caturday. Emily always keeps us laughing and for her we are thankful.

“For two weeks of every summer, I get to work in the beautiful Hill Country with campers who constantly put a smile on my face. It reminds me of being a camper myself when I was a kid. The staff is all supportive of one another, and it is tons of fun to work with college-age counselors. ”  -Emily

Julie Berman, Dolores Cavatore, Judy Ferrell (and more!) – Bus Chaperones

Every Opening Day, Lonehollow is flooded with charters busses. They arrive one after another from different cities across Texas, full to the brim with excited campers. When the doors open, the kids rush off and amidst all the hugs and hellos and high fives, a bus chaperone slips away holding a bag of cell phones and wearing a smile. Julie, Dolores, and Judy are just some of the many regulars who agree every year to board the busses early in the morning and keep the campers entertained until they arrive at Lonehollow. For them and for so many others we are thankful.

Joy Custer – Nurse

Joy’s first summer was 2015. From splinters to scrapes to stomachaches, she’s seen it all. She keeps the Health Lodge up and running which is a big job. We know we can count on Joy to keep our campers healthy and happy and for her we are thankful.

“Because I want my daughter to experience camp without mom, we write letters back and forth and I even “send” her care packages, which is super fun! I [also] get the privilege of seeing her with her friends and truly experiencing camp life that I wouldn’t otherwise get.” – Joy


Brooke Solcher – Receptionist

Brooke joined our staff in 2016, but she and her two boys have been a part of the Lonehollow family since 2010. Headquarters is the heart of camp and as the Receptionist Brooke helps to keep it running. For Brooke’s calming demeanor, her friendly phone voice, and her continuous generosity we are thankful.

“To parents thinking about working for Lonehollow, go for it!! It is worth the time and commitment.” – Brooke 

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