Every summer we hire more than 200 college-aged counselors from around the world to live in cabins, teach classes, and impact the lives of each and every camper who comes through our gates.

We believe that in order to provide support and a positive experience for campers, counselors must also receive support. To ensure the success of our staff, we assemble a Leadership Team every summer to help guide our counselors throughout the term.

The Leadership Team is made up of returning counselors (and a fair amount of former campers!) who have excelled in the cabin and in teaching activities. We take careful consideration when choosing members of the Leadership Team, placing everyone where they will be the most successful and have the best impact on both counselors and campers. Each member of the Leadership Team attends Leadership Orientation before camp, where they learn how to be genuine, engaging, and supportive leaders for their peers and for campers.

Below are descriptions of the different positions counselors can hold on the Leadership Team.

Division Directors

We assign each age division two female Division Directors and two male Division Directors who provide support for counselors and campers in the cabin. At every meal, every Rest Period, and after every Evening Program, Division Directors stop by each of the cabins in their divisions to make sure everything is running smoothly and offer support wherever necessary. Division Directors also plan and run certain Evening Programs called Division Nights that are designed with each specific age group’s interests in mind. Division Directors do not live in a cabin with campers, but they do teach activities during the day. Campers and counselors know they can go to their Division Directors for anything related to cabin life.

First Term Division Directors:


Jay Arredondo, Dylan Gorman, Hanna Nyberg, and Ramsey Williams


Patrick Dooley, Darragh Mangan, Megan Lee, and Christina DeForest

Adventurers/Lead Climbers/LITs:

LJ Carrillo, Brandon Johnson, Emily Mullins, and Nikki Dwyer

Department Heads

Department Heads oversee activities in our seven different departments. Almost all departments have two Department Heads who organize and order supplies for classes, ensure safety guidelines are followed, coordinate Field Day Line Ups and Qualifications, and provide support for activity counselors. During the day, Department Heads rotate throughout their departments, ensuring that classes are running smoothly and resolving any issues they may encounter. Department Heads do not teach classes in their departments, but they do live in cabins with campers.

First Term Department Heads:


James Alejandro and Emilie Stagoski


Kianna Dao and Elizabeth McFarland


Alyssa Tannous and Shea Wood


April Baxter (Full Time Staff) and Darbi Dowell

Performing Arts:

Jackie Pace


Mikayla Greenwood and Thomas Callaghan


Clementine Berranger and Lexy Barbee

Crew Leaders


Crew Leaders serve as coaches, motivators, supporters and role models for the campers in each of our three crews. While they do not directly oversee other counselors, Crew Leaders are considered members of the Leadership Team because they set the example. Most Crew Leaders live in a cabin AND teach activities. They are visible to everyone and must therefore act maturely and responsibly at all times so as to set a positive example for staff and campers.

First Term Crew Leaders


Courtney Nordyke, Maegan Burrier, and Hyer Thomas


Christiana Kiesling, Connor Alcock, and Thomas Heathcock


Megan Mikaelian, Bailey Havis, and Kyle Musgrove

Lonehollow’s mission is to enrich lives, strengthen connections, and create lasting relationships with our community. Hiring great staff and providing them with the right support is the first step in helping us fulfill that mission for them and for our campers.

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