Theme nights are some of the best events at camp!

Every year campers and counselors come dressed to have fun, eat candy, and win the costume contest.

Last summer we saw so many great medieval, jungle safari, Beach Ball, and Glo-Ball costumes and we can’t wait to see what everyone has in store for 2018!

This summer’s themes are Shipwrecked, Oddball (A Sessions), Snowball, and TV Land (B Sessions)!!!

If you’re stumped on costume ideas, here are few for each theme!

Shipwrecked: Come as a scuba diver, a mermaid, a fish, a palm tree, a banana, or a pirate!

OddBall: This theme calls for any and all crazy costumes. Wear funny hats, pair a Hawaiian shirt with combat boots, or mix and match old Halloween costumes!

Snowball: Dress in all white or like a snowman. Just remember dress cool (no pun intended). It is still summer after all!

TV Land: We’re brining the small screen to the Lonehollow plaza! Dress up as your favorite TV character. Maybe  you want to be a Power Ranger, Spongebob, or your favorite sitcom character. You can even come as a TV news anchor!

The most important thing to remember when planning costumes for theme nights is to be creative and have fun! Who knows, maybe your camper will win the costume contest this summer!