Whether 2018 will be your camper’s first summer or fifth summer, we can bet he/she has already mapped out a schedule of activities.

With more than 60 different classes to choose from, registration can seem like a daunting process, especially if your camper is new or has never made his own schedule.

You might be wondering why Lonehollow doesn’t just assign activities by cabin; that way everyone would get a little taste of each class and would always have a friend along for the ride. But by customizing each camper’s daily schedule to fit his/her preferences, we provide campers with a sense of personal power (Asset #37) and the opportunity to own their camp experience.

Here is a breakdown of our Registration process and some tips for you and your camper to keep in mind for this summer:

The Basics

Each camper will follow a custom-built schedule based on the activities listed on his/her Activity Preference Sheet. Campers will take part in 12 different activities on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday, Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday rotation.

Our Activity Directors, Cory Foust and Courtney Nordyke, will make schedules for campers entering 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grades while campers entering 5th grade and above will make their own schedules during Registration on Opening Day.

All campers will have the opportunity to switch in and out of open classes to better reflect their idea of the perfect schedule.


On the first day of each two-week session, campers and counselors will meet in the Bike Barn for an All Camp Meeting, where counselors will introduce themselves and Cory and Courtney will walk campers through the process of registering for classes.

Campers will receive a copy of their Activity Preference Sheets and a form that lists the classes offered during each period.

Puppy Park Clark Meg 7th Cy Falls 1 1
Sketching and Painting Clark Meg 7th Cy Falls 1 2
Sailing (compl. 6th grade) Clark Meg 7th Cy Falls 1 3
Water Games Clark Meg 7th Cy Falls 1 4
Ceramics (addtl cost) Clark Meg 7th Cy Falls 1 5
Mountain Boarding Clark Meg 7th Cy Falls 1 6
Cooking Clark Meg 7th Cy Falls 1 7
Table Tennis Clark Meg 7th Cy Falls 1 8
Woodworking (add’l cost) Clark Meg 7th Cy Falls 1 9
Horseback Clark Meg 7th Cy Falls 1 10
Fishing Clark Meg 7th Cy Falls 1 11
Canoeing & Kayaking Clark Meg 7th Cy Falls 1 12
Leatherworks (add’l cost) Clark Meg 7th Cy Falls 1 13
Photography Clark Meg 7th Cy Falls 1 14
Tennis Clark Meg 7th Cy Falls 1 15


During Registration campers may only sign up for classes listed on their Activity Preference Sheets. If they want to switch into a class they did not list, they must wait until schedule changes start on the third day of camp.

Counselors will be set up at tables throughout the Bike Barn with a list of available spots in each class/class period.

When a camper signs up for a class, counselors will sign off on the camper’s sheet and cross off an open spot on their lists. Once all open spots have been filled for a certain class or class period, counselors will list the class as closed on the poster boards hanging above their tables.

Campers register in order from oldest to youngest. They will walk around the Bike Barn and create their schedules at their own pace. Both Activity Directors and cabin counselors will be available to answer questions and provide assistance.

Campers will receive a printed copy of their schedules that night.

Take Note:

Some classes are in higher demand than others. Activities such as Puppy Park, Sailing, and Rock Wall tend to fill faster than others because of smaller class sizes. Classes like Archery, Canoeing and Kayaking, Cooking, Fishing, Table Tennis, and Tennis are offered as many times as possible, but will also fill quickly due to popular demand. Campers should sign up for these classes first.

We encourage all of our campers to try new activities which means we don’t offer classes based on skill level. Campers will have the opportunity to qualify to higher levels in certain classes, but will most likely be mixed in with kids of all different abilities.

Every camper will have the opportunity to change his/her schedule starting on the third day of camp. We wait a few days to give campers a chance to try each activity before switching. Campers may choose to change their schedules for a number of reasons. Whatever the reasoning, we want the schedule to reflect the camper’s idea of a perfect day.

Any camper can sign up for Horseback if it is listed on his/her Activity Preference Sheet. It is at the discretion of our Horseback Director to assign campers to specific classes based on availability and her assessment of each camper’s skill level.

Please remember to pack boots, jeans, and a Horseback helmet if your camper lists Horseback on his/her preference sheet. Horseback helmets are different than standard biking helmets. Visit our online store to order a helmet and have it delivered to your camper’s cabin when he/she arrives.


Review your camper’s Activity Preference Sheet with him/her before camp.

Ensure the preferences are listed in order of importance NOT alphabetically.

Encourage your campers to think about how they would like to structure their day. Maybe they want to take sports classes in the morning before it gets hot, or they’d like to group all of their waterfront classes together so they don’t have to change throughout the day.

Helmets are required for mountain biking/mountain boarding.

While campers are encouraged to register for classes with their friends, we also encourage them to branch out and try new activities, even if it means being on their own.

If your camper hopes to compete in a certain activity on Field Day, he/she must register for that class.

Campers may only participate in each class one time throughout each two-week session.

Here at Lonehollow, we are committed to the registration process and the benefits it provides to our campers. We can’t wait to see each and every camper own their incredible Lonehollow experience!

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