For most teenagers, high school is an uphill battle. From the first day of freshman year, kids are fighting the clock to get in as many service hours, good deeds, and straight A’s as possible before their four years are up.

Every volunteer event, every good (or bad) grade, every office held in every club counts when it comes to college applications and kids are always on the lookout for any opportunity to better themselves –and impress the college admissions board in the process.

It’s exhausting trying to keep up with your kids as they rush to keep up with their classmates, but if everything counts as an opportunity for your child to grow and display his/her leadership skills, then why can’t summer camp count, too?

Back in September we revealed some BIG NEWS!

Thanks to feedback from campers and parents alike, we decided to completely revamp our 11th grade program. In addition to replacing the name “Work Crew” with “Leader-in-Training,” we shifted the focus of the program to growing and developing leadership skills in our oldest campers.

The news went over well on Instagram, where campers were all too excited to hear about the biggest change: 11th graders can now compete in crew events!

As we fill our last few open spots for summer 2018, we wanted to give you a full rundown of the LIT program and prove to you why one more summer at Lonehollow is just the thing you’ve been looking for to help boost your camper’s resume, while still giving him/her a chance to let loose and have fun!

 So what’s different?

Like we said, the biggest change to the program is the ability for 11th grade campers to participate in the full crew experience. Campers will compete in all crew events, including Field Day, and will have the opportunity to try out for Crew Canoe.

LITs cannot run for Maverick, but every camper who participates in the program will hold a leadership role within his/her crew. Throughout each two-week session, all LITs will assist in setting up Outpost, guiding and mentoring new campers, and supporting specific events on Field Day when not competing.

There are additional options available for campers who wish to hold a specific office within their crews, including spots on the Ceremony Team and the Creative Team and a Senior Maverick position. Campers interested in holding office will apply on Opening Day during Registration and Crew Leaders will appoint positions.

 Will LITs be able to participate in classes?


LITs will register for up to four activities of their choosing each day. The remaining activity periods will consist of a combination of camp jobs and activities that campers will assist in teaching.

Similar to our counselors, LITs will take part in a variety of asset building sessions called POSSE (Pioneering Our Successful Summer Experience). These sessions are designed specifically for LITs and will work to develop and improve campers’ leadership skills by covering topics including goal setting, getting out of your comfort zone, and applying and interviewing to be a CIT (Counselor-in-Training).

 What about community service?

LITs will participate in a community service project on Sundays during each two-week session benefitting C.A.M.P., a camp in Center Point, Texas for children and adults with disabilities. LITs will volunteer at C.A.M.P.’s Opening Day, assisting in camper check-in, leading activities, and helping parents with luggage.

LITs can also claim time spent working at camp jobs and assisting in teaching activities as community service hours. Each camper will earn at least 35 community service hours, but may also request to teach more than one class or work more than one job if they wish to accrue more hours.

Who’s in charge?

LITs will have at least one counselor dedicated to their program. LIT Leaders will serve as mentors and work closely with the group, leading POSSE, helping with scheduling, and chaperoning the trip to C.A.M.P.

Each LIT will receive an evaluation from his/her LIT Leader at the end of every two-week session based on engagement during activity periods, performance at camp jobs and in the classes where assisting, and overall attitude as an LIT. These evaluations will be critical in determining if the LIT will be invited to apply for the CIT program in the fall.

Why the change?

At Lonehollow, the goal behind everything we do is for our campers to grow in character, feel empowered, and develop resilience while finding adventure. The Leader-in-Training program is designed with these key components in mind to provide our 11th graders with a unique opportunity to enjoy their last year as campers to the fullest extent while still growing as people. In keeping with our full-circle concept, we want campers who complete the LIT program to become Lonehollow’s next generation of leaders.

If you have more questions about the LIT program, feel free to shoot us an email. We look forward to welcoming the first class of Lonehollow LITs in summer 2018!