As camp comes to a close, your campers will return home with priceless memories of fun experiences, and with skills and manners applicable to everyday life. Here are some of the skills your children can continue practicing once they return home from camp.

They will know how to:

  1. Keep their personal spaces organized and tidy.
  2. Keep their dirty clothes and laundry separate from clean clothing.
  3. Make their beds in the morning.
  4. Use “please” and “thank you” more often.
  5. Exhibit mealtime etiquette:
    1. Wash their hands before meals.
    2. Set the table for meals.
    3. Pass food around to the left.
    4. Try a little bit of everything before saying, “No, thank you.”
    5. Close their plates when they’re finished eating (all utensils facing 3 o’clock).
  6. Introduce themselves to new people.
  7. Write letters.
  8. Be more responsible with their belongings.

Campers have practiced a routine that includes these skills, and we hope our campers will want to continue them at home! Now, all of these skills will not instantaneously become second-hand nature; it requires daily repetition and personal awareness to create good habits! Before you know it, your children will be performing many of these skills on their own accord!

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