Camp will be here before we know it. Here are some ways you can help your camper prepare for the summer ahead!

  1. Practice setting the table. Meals at camp are served family style and campers will take turns setting the table with the help of one of their counselors. Have your camper practice by setting the table before meals at home!
  2. Talk to your camper about homesickness. Homesickness is not a dirty word. Everyone feels homesick at some point, teach your camper it’s ok to talk about it. Encourage him/her to talk to a counselor whenever he/she is feeling sad and avoid telling your camper how much you will miss him/her. Focus instead on all of the fun things this summer has to offer!
  3. Start shopping for Theme Night costumes. Don’t have one picked out yet? Find out more about each term’s themes and check out this blog post for costume ideas!
  4. Put your camper in charge of his/her bag for school. During the summer, campers are responsible for packing their backpack at night for the next morning’s activities. Help your camper practice thinking ahead and planning by putting him/her in charge of packing his/her school bag.
  5. Making the bed. Every morning, campers make their beds as part of daily cabin clean up. Your camper’s morning will go much smoother if he/she has practiced before hand!
  6. Help with chores around the house. In addition to making their beds, campers and counselors have different duty each morning during cabin clean up. This can range from taking dry items off of the clothes line to sweeping the floors. Teamwork makes the dream work!
  7. Be familiar with getting themselves ready in the morning and before bed. Including, but not limited to, combing hair, brushing teeth, picking out clothes, showering, etc!
  8. Trying new foods. We eat five times a day, so your camper is pretty guaranteed to try something new! Talk with him/her about at least taking one bite before deciding against certain foods. At camp, we call this a “No Thank You” bite.
  9. Practice addressing an envelope. Want to be sure you’ll hear from your camper while he/she is away? Make sure he/she knows how to address an envelope!
  10. Complete all necessary forms and pay your camper’s tuition. Remember, your camper’s cabin assignment won’t be made until all forms are submitted and your balance is paid off! Log into your Lonehollow account to access forms and pay tuition.
  11. Watch the 2016 highlight video. Let’s get ready to have some fun!

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