Packing for camp doesn’t have to be stressful! Our packing list includes the day-to-day minimum amount of gear, recommended by veteran camp families.

There are also a lot of fun things we do at camp, and costumes add to that fun! Each week, campers will have a themed event. Sometimes it will be a night full of carnival-style games and sometimes it will be a themed dance packed with their favorite songs. Below, we’ve listed different wallet-friendly options for each of this summer’s themes! Remember, costumes are not mandatory, just part of the Lonehollow fun. The best ones are usually built around what your camper already has at home!

2017 A Term Themes

Term 1A and Term 2A

Beach Ball – Get ready to hit the coast with your favorite beach inspired look and dance the night away!

  • Pair this fun accessory with a gray t-shirt and shorts to be a shark out of water!
  • Use a hot glue gun and tropical faux flowers for a luau inspired headband like this!
  • You can never go wrong with a tropical print shirt and a couple of leis!

Jungle Safari – Grab your adventure gear and set out into the jungle. Lions, tigers, and fun…oh my!

2017 B Term Themes

Term 1B, Term 2B and Short Terms

Glo-Ball – Bright lights and brighter outfits make this night a highlight of the summer!
**Short Terms 1 & 3 will go to Glo-Ball!

Medieval Knight – Travel to a land of kings, queens and brave knights of the past.  Beware of dragons!
**Short Terms 2 & 4 will go to Medieval Knight!

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