Nothing is better than curling up with a good book, especially when the weather is chilly (or really at any time)! During the summer, many of our campers use the Lonehollow library to curl up with a good book during rest period or travel to new adventures without leaving their chair during Summer Reading.

We know there are many academic benefits to reading, it can also develop assets like Reading For Pleasure (asset #25), Time At Home (asset #20), and Achievement Motivation (asset #21).


Here are some ways to bring the written word into your household:

  • Ask your child what his/her favorite book is. For younger children, switch up bedtime and ask them to read it to you. For older campers, read their favorite book and discuss it. What was the overall theme? Who was your favorite character? If you were the author, how would you change the story?
  • Share! Talk about books you’ve read lately or peruse your neighborhood library or book store. Discuss books that sound interesting. Ask librarians or employees for recommendations based on your current favorites. (Yes, library cards still exist!)
  • Look up movies that are adapted from books. Try reading the book first and then going to see the movie. Discuss the differences between the two and which one was your favorite.
  • Does your child always talk about what he/she is doing in science class? Did you take a vacation that left your child asking questions? Research biographies or books on subjects they have read about in school or on the area you visited. You never know when a trip to Estes Park in Colorado will spark an interest in the history of famous women hikers.
  • Get involved in school reading incentive programs. There’s a reason why they work. Encouraging students to reach milestones develops Achievement Motivation as well as getting them to read.


With so many campers coming through Lonehollow each summer, our library could use some TLC. This spring, if your camper brings a book to donate at one of our camper parties, they’ll receive a crew point to bring with them to camp this summer!

If you live outside of a city on our 2017 tour or are unable to make it to a camp party, check out these book series. Your camper can still earn a crew point by bringing a book to donate with them to camp!

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