The end of the year brings a huge wave of nostalgia. We scroll through old photos and reflect on the highlights and happenings of the past twelve months. We might even think back to the resolutions we set at the beginning of the year. Were we successful? Or did we write our resolutions off before the ball even dropped?


Research from the University of Scranton found that over half of New Year’s resolutions last less than six months, the majority failing within the first month. A simple Google search will produce a ton of advice on how to make your goals stick, but why even make New Year’s resolutions in the first place?


Research shows when children have adult role models (asset #14) who demonstrate the importance of achievement motivation (asset #21), they are more likely to develop these same skills and carry them into adulthood. At camp, every camper completes a goal card on the first night of their term. They list three to five goals they would like to achieve during their time at camp and refer back to these goals throughout the term.


This New Year’s Eve, set resolutions as a family. Have each person fill out a goal card with three to five things he/she would like to achieve over the next year. Good goals should be specific, within a certain time frame, and be measurable. For example, instead of “exercise more”, try “I would like to walk two miles 3 times a week to help me complete a 5K on Thanksgiving Day”. Post your family’s goal cards on the refrigerator and help each other stay accountable. Maybe your family can join the 8% of people who successfully follow through with their resolutions!

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