Thanksgiving Is The Season. Family Is The Reason.

Thanksgiving Is The Season. Family Is The Reason.

During the holidays, we spend a lot of time together as a family. Relatives come in from out of town, cousins start backyard football games, and everyone seems to congregate in the kitchen. It’s always good to spend time with loved ones, but this time together can benefit your child’s development!


A quick rundown about developmental assets: after 20 years of research, the Search Institute assembled a list of 40 internal and external developmental assets. They found more assets a child possesses, the more successful and well-adjusted they will be as an adult. Pretty simple and straight forward!


Here are some hidden ways your family time builds a better future for your camper:

  • Simply spending time around other adults and making casual conversation builds up Other Adult Relationships (asset #3) and Positive Family Communication (asset #2).
  • Discussing with an older cousin about his/her personal achievements or what this cousin has been up to in college can build up Adult Role Models (asset # 14) and High Expectations (asset #16).
  • Probably the easiest one of all…Time At Home (asset #20). Keep the family under one roof!
  • Help the kiddos fight falling asleep in front of the television with these options and build up Creative Activities (asset #17)!
  • Or if they really just can’t stand to stay awake, try Reading For Pleasure (asset #25) before taking a post-turkey snooze.



Looking to bring a little Lonehollow to the table? Try our mini apple turnover recipe, it’s sure to be a family favorite!

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