Holidays and family go hand-in-hand.

Grandparents come to visit, cousins start backyard football games, and everyone seems to congregate in the kitchen.

Besides the obvious benefits, spending time together as a family can actually help build assets in your camper!

A little background info:

After 20 years of research, the Search Institute assembled a list of 40 internal and external developmental assets. Researchers found that the more assets a child possesses, the more successful and well-adjusted they will be as an adult.

Here are some hidden ways your family time builds assets and a better future for your camper:

  • Spending time and making casual conversation with aunts, uncles, and grandparents helps to build Assets #2 and #3: Positive Family Communication and Other Adult Relationships
  • Listening to cousins in college describe their achievements this past semester can give your camper an adult role model (Asset #14) and help him set high expectations for himself (Asset #16).
  • Time At Home (Asset #20) is almost a given during the holiday season. Gathering everyone under one roof means a brighter future for your kids AND some quality family time.
  • With a clear schedule comes boredom! Encouraging kids to read for pleasure fills free time and builds up Asset #25: Reading for Pleasure!

Building assets should come naturally, especially during the holidays. Cherish your time spent as a family for both the memories and the positive impact it will have on your camper’s future.

P.S Looking to bring a little Lonehollow to the table? Try our mini apple turnover recipe. It’s sure to become a family favorite!

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