Some things just make sense together: peanut butter and jelly, hot chocolate and marshmallows, cookies and ice cream. For many families, this list also includes Thanksgiving and football. There are some great family traditions rooted in watching parades and sporting events together, it definitely can be quality time!

Just in case your family is looking for something to do during halftime or so your family’s eyes don’t glaze over, here are some family fun alternatives:


  • Stuff The Turkey. Make a paper bag turkey out of brown lunch sacks and team up to see who can “stuff” the turkey!

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  • Take a gratitude scavenger hunt. First one to find all of the items on their list gets the first slice of dessert!

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  • Create a family keepsake. Turn handprints into art and track how your little turkeys have grown over the years!

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For more family fun ideas, check out our Pinterest board!

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