There’s a lot going on in the month of October. It is finally beginning to feel like fall, school is in full swing, and everything is pumpkin spiced. The start of October also kicks off National Bullying Prevention month which we would like to shine more light on. Each week, we’ll cover a new area of Bullying Prevention and how you and your family can share in helping us #StopTheBullying. Let’s jump in!


Think of the most beautiful house you’ve ever seen. Maybe the curb appeal is what stole your attention, maybe the floor plan is spectacular, or maybe it just feels like the home of your dreams. How well is your dream house going to stand with a cracked foundation though?

Bullying prevention falls the same way. We can say and do all of the right things, but if we are not fully committed to taking action, our programs and efforts are built on a shaky foundation. Here are some ways to begin to prevent bullying, starting with yourself.

  1. Pay attention to your inner dialogue. How much of what you say to yourself is something you would say to another person or your children? We can be our toughest critics, but being nice to ourselves makes being nice to others easier. When you start to bully yourself…ask these questions.
    • What emotions am I feeling right now?
    • Why is this troubling me?
    • What can I do right now to make this situation better?
  1. Take a deep breath. At times, you just need a break. Take the time to be aware of how your body feels when you’re stressed or happy or upset. When you begin to notice certain feelings or sensations, change your body position. Change your posture, take a quick stretch, or take 5 minutes to get some fresh air. Change your physical state to change your psychological state.
  1. Start each day on a positive note! There’s a reason we love watching videos of morning affirmations, they make us smile and feel good! Try listing 5 things you like about yourself in the morning. These don’t have to be tangible things, just 5 things you like about what makes you, you. Need an idea? This daddy/daughter duo has some great examples!

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