Summer is winding down and fall is quickly approaching. As we head into a new season and all of the activity it brings, here are some handy resources and tips for jumping into a fantastic fall!


If your camper is trying to decide between fall sports leagues….

Read “Gotta Play Them All!” to learn what skills your camper is really building on during practice and how playing multiple sports does more than keep your son or daughter active.

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If your camper has started a new school or you notice he/she is trying a new style or friend group…

Read “How Camp Tells You Who You Are”; discover how kids grow into their own self-identity and what types of activities help foster that growth.


If your camper hasn’t put down his/her cell phone since coming home…

Read “Smart Phones, Laptops, and iPhones- Oh My!” for some tips to help keep your campers grounded in reality and not in cyberspace.


If you’re listening to camp stories and trying to keep track of who is who…

Put a face to a name with this post about our First Term staff and this post about our Second Term staff!

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