Discovering one’s self-identity is an important part of growing up. Through the challenges and triumphs that children face, they begin to learn who they are, what they love and what they stand for. Your camper will develop a lot of their self identity during his or her time at camp.

Children begin to learn who they are at a very early age. First, they learn that they are an individual, and not just a unit composed of mom, dad, and themselves. To reach this important step in development, children must have the freedom to make choices, like when they choose their own schedules at the start of camp. They must also begin to be responsible for themselves. Remembering to brush their teeth, picking out their own clothes and getting ready for bed on their own are all responsibilities that campers learn while away from their parents.


As your child grows, they begin to develop their strengths, identify their weaknesses, and learn how those aspects of themselves fit into their social groups. Maybe they discover that they’re great at speaking in front of groups while running for Crew Maverick, but not so good at one on one discussions. Or that they can make a great camp craft, but can’t kick a soccer ball. They learn how these strengths and weaknesses fit into their social groups, and how to use this knowledge to achieve their goals.


Once children reach adolescence, they begin to reevaluate all that they’ve learned about themselves. and this knowledge will follow them into adulthood. The perseverance that they used while practicing for Crew Canoe will help them pass their first college exam and they’ll use the team building they developed during the Adventure Race to succeed at their first job.

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Self Identity develops through different stages of a child’s life, but a huge part of it will develop while he or she is having a blast at camp!

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