Sports and summer camp go together like marshmallows and chocolate in a s’more. It’s just meant to be! A child who learns to play a sport learns so much more than just the rules. He or she develops responsibility (asset #30), integrity for the rules (asset #28) and a sense of purpose on a team (asset #39).

Lonehollow offers over 20 different sports for campers to choose from. Campers can test their accuracy in archery in the morning and their endurance in cross country after lunch (asset #21), while still practicing teamwork skills in the evening during soccer (asset #39). According to sports author Fred Bowen, having a balanced blend of activities is important for children who play only one sport during the school year.


But what if your camper already plays sports? There are a few different reasons as to why specializing in one sport at a young age is not recommended, but most researchers agree that it leads to an increase in injuries and children are more likely to lose interest in the sport.

Encourage your campers to step outside of their comfort zone and try new activities! If they usually compete in tennis during the school year, encourage them to give flag football a chance at camp. Or if they prefer baseball, ask them if they would consider trying rock climbing. We have everything they might need to try something new, and you never know, maybe they’ll find their new passion!

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