Though injuries are rare at camp, accidents do happen. For those occasional bumps and bruises, we have a fantastic team to handle whatever comes our way.

If a camper does receive any kind of injury or illness, parents are updated throughout the process.  All health concerns at camp are assessed by our camp nurse, who has over 15 years experience in the ER. We also have a licensed physician assistant visit three times a week. If necessary, we can transport campers to town for treatment.


If injuries interfere with your camper’s activity schedule, we sit down with him or her to choose new classes. Lonehollow offers over 25 different activities that are less adventurous. These include creative classes like Drama or Painting to more hands on activities like Leisure Sports or Mad Science.

Camp is a place for children to learn, grow and adapt, but it’s also fun! Any bumps and bruises that might interrupt that fun are handled promptly and efficiently and with as little intrusion into the camp experience as possible.

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