1. Warmer weather is creeping up. There may be a slight chill in the morning, but by mid-afternoon, it is HOT!
  2. Bare feet. This time of year, keeping shoes on a kid is as hard as bathing a cat.
  3. You’re buying all new shorts. The kids have grown six inches and nothing from last summer fits. (Also know as the constant struggle of being a parent!)
  4. Tuition is paid. You’ve officially logged into your Lonehollow account, paid the last of what you owe, and the account balance reads $0.00!
  5. Forms are all filled out. Under ‘Forms & Documents’ in your Lonehollow account, there is ‘complete’ next to all forms!
  6. Travel plans are set. You know your camper is either riding the bus or you’re dropping him/her off at the front gate. Check!
  7. Activity preferences are done. Your camper has logged into your Lonehollow account and picked the top 15 classes he/she would like to take, ranked from “absolutely-gotta-have-it” to “wouldn’t-mind-trying-it-out”.
  8. Your camper will take any chance available to wear a camp t-shirt. Every day is #LHtshirtTuesday at your house.
  9. You’re already buying your camper things for camp. This includes anything on the packing list, extra sunscreen, animal t-shirts, costume pieces for Theme Nights, any and everything in your camper’s crew color, etc.
  10. Keeping your family inside is impossible. No one can resist the warm sunshine, fresh Hill Country air, green grass and overflowing lakes at camp!

Bonus: The crew point your camper earned at this year’s camp party is already packed in his/her duffel bag!

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