Everything you do around your child role models behavior. We’ve all heard that clichéd expression “monkey see, monkey do”, but it really applies in this case. Your actions, from your patience on the morning drive to school to how you take care of yourself, set an example for your child and can even help build assets in them. That’s a heavy feeling.

Here are some easy and effortless ways to build assets in your camper!

  1. Creative Activities (asset #17)—When you go to a play, take the kiddos along for the matinee. Try your hand at poetry and leave a funny acrostic poem on the napkin in their lunch. Take an improv class as a family.
  2. Reading For Pleasure (asset #25)—Do you read before bed? Switch up your routine and read on the couch around your kids. Take them to the library or book store with you. Talk about your favorite books as a kid and read them together. Have a family competition to see who can read the most books in a week. Read a book together, then see the movie version and discuss the differences and who liked which version better!
  3. Time At Home (asset #20)—Yes, you read that correctly. You can hang out as a family at home and it will build an asset! Play a board game, listen to music and just relax together.
  4. Be Mindful—Mindfulness isn’t exactly an asset, but practicing and modeling self-care is especially beneficial for kids. Practice focusing your awareness on the present moment. Calmly acknowledge and accept your feelings, thoughts and how your body feels. Recognize them and take time for some “joy breaks”!







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