178 Miles, 2 Camps, and 1 Bald Head

178 Miles, 2 Camps, and 1 Bald Head

Sometimes, we just need to take a second to brag on our campers. They’ve been up to some amazing stuff and we want to take this time to recognize their ambition, creativity and compassion!


Jordan J., Jackie J., Jon J., Carter K., Claire K., & Cory K.
This group of campers ran the Aramco Houston Half Marathon! 2016 was Jackie, Jon, and Carter’s first half marathon, Claire and Cory’s second and Jordan’s sixth! We’re so proud of their dedication to training for their run and for pushing through to the finish line. Anyone who has trained or competed for a half marathon can tell you, it isn’t easy!


Travis W., Margaret S., & Daisy C.
Travis, Margaret, Daisy are the founders of Project Cay which partners with the Haynes Library on the Bahamian Island of Eletuthera to bring a love for sports, art and reading to the children of Governor’s Harbour. Here’s how it all got started:

“After visiting Governor’s Harbour, a small town on the Bahamian island of Eleuthera in 2013, we saw how The Haynes Library was helping the children each day. We could not help but notice the beaming smiling faces of the children at the library, and longed to be part of this joyful community, yet one with such few resources. We realized that our help could make an impact on the children’s lives by bringing in sports and activities that we often take for granted, but they would not normally be exposed to. After running a sports camp that incorporated the arts and reading at The Haynes Library, we realized that the children had a larger impact on our lives than we had ever imagined. We have fallen in love with these children and the Governor’s Harbour community, and we hope that you do too!”


Project Cay is now on its way to becoming a 501c3 non-profit organization and being able to help even more kids! They are currently fundraising and planning for this upcoming summer. In fact, read about how Daisy walked 100 miles (the length of Eleuthera) to raise money for Project Cay earlier this month! While these three have graduated from their camper years, we couldn’t be more impressed with what they’ve accomplished and their compassion for others. For more information on their mission and program needs, visit www.projectcay.org.


Carson H.
On February 23rd, Carson will be shaving his head for the second time. For most boys his age, this is a typical summer cut, but Carson is taking the plunge for St. Baldrick’s Foundation to raise money for pediatric cancer research.


Carson was born with neuroblastoma (a cancerous tumor) but is healthy now and wants to bring more awareness to pedicatric cancers. Adult types of cancers differ from pediatric, so pediatric cancers are extremely underfunded. A child is diagnosed with cancer every 3 minutes, so every dollar Carson raises makes a difference for the thousands of babies, children, teens, and young adults fighting childhood cancers. You can donate to Carson’s St. Baldrick’s page here!


Chris M. & Eli G.
In the summer of 2013, campers Chris and Eli decided to start their own day camp in their backyards.  Northwest Hills Adventure Camp for Boys runs for 4 days and started with one session in 2013, growing to 2 sessions in 2014. The kids are divided into age groups (1st-3rd grades and 4th-5th grades) and rotate between Sports, court games, backyard sports and swimming. Art and snacks break up the day in the middle of rotations.  After rotations, the kids relax and have lunch before playing an all-camp game of capture the flag.


Chris and Eli are responsible for all the planning, purchasing supplies, paying creditors, set-up and clean-up, as well as, non-stop play and leadership for the 4 hours the kids are at camp, with a parent always home in case of emergencies. We are so impressed with Chris and Eli’s planning, marketing and implementation! In fact, Lonehollow will be sponsoring the t-shirts for Northwest Hills Adventure Camp this summer.


Hearing the great things our campers are up to during the year warms our hearts, even in the coldest months. Our goal during the summer is to foster good character through value sessions and intentional asset building. It’s great to see how our campers share that passion!

If your camper has good news, send it to our office! Whether it’s a project, an award, or even an A on a paper they really poured their heart and soul into, we would love to hear about it!

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