10 Homemade Big Boppers to Bust Your Post-Summer Blues

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It happens to every camper, staff member and human with a connection to camp. You make it home at the end of the summer, there’s no line to shower, you’re back in your very own bed, and sleep in until you can’t sleep anymore. You wake up, stretch, and…you have to cook for yourself, it’s just you at the table, there’s no one singing along to the dining hall playlist, and then it hits. The post-camp blues are here.

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We’re here to bring you a little piece of the summer to brighten up your blues and hold you over until the days warm up again. Nothing says summer camp like a BIG Bopper! Let’s start with the basics…

Your ABC-basic BIG Bopper is vanilla ice cream sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies. Usually, we don’t mess with perfection, but here are ten ways to bust your post-summer blues with a homemade version of a camp treat!

  1. Choose a different flavor of ice cream. Try chocolate, rocky road, (or go cookie crazy) and use cookie dough ice cream.
  2. Keep the vanilla ice cream and mix in your own extras! Try your favorite fruit preserves, chocolate chips, or candy bar.
  3. Change up your cookie. Sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies, or any family favorite will do the trick!
  4. Roll the edges of your Bopper in mini-chocolate chips, coconut flakes, chopped nuts, or your favorite sprinkles.

    via 12tomatoes.com

    via 12tomatoes.com

  5. Skip the cookie all together and use a brownie instead!
  6. Step 1: Construct your ice cream sandwich.
    Step 2: Cover in melted chocolate.
    Step 3: Freeze until chocolate shell is hard.
    Step 4: Experience ice cream sandwich nirvana.

    via halfbakedharvest.com

    via halfbakedharvest.com

  7. Make it a double decker! The middle cookie can be the same as the top and bottom, or your second favorite cookie.
  8. Drizzle a layer of your favorite sundae topping (chocolate syrup, caramel, etc.) or
  9. Amp up your sandwich with a layer of your go-to spread (peanut butter, chocolate, hazelnut, jam, etc.).
  10. Eat it. The best way to make an ice cream sandwich even better is to enjoy it!

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