Confidence and Independence: Just Some of the Benefits from Camp

A Reflection From Meg Clark, Director of Lonehollow


I feel like I can do anything. I’m so much more independent now that I’ve gone to camp. I’ve learned to rely on myself to do things. You’ve encouraged me right from the start. This has been one of the best summers of my life. I hope to see you next summer!

This thoughtful reflection comes from a camper who spent every day in my office and started Term 1A homesick. And now, she feels positive enough to send back a letter to me about how much she enjoyed her experience at Lonehollow. We find many campers like this who start off timid and then transform with newly gained confidence. There are two reasons why we see examples such as these so commonly.

First, is our committed staff. Our full-time staff and guides are committed to making sure every camper has an unforgettable experience at camp. Their warm and positive mentality shows the campers that this is a welcoming environment. Our staff fully embraces the Lonehollow family, and we share that community with the campers.

Second, Lonehollow will transform you if you let it. Many campers are unsure of camp when they first arrive. And I can see this during the first evening program or during the first day of refuel. But then, campers start to be interested in the Lonehollow traditions and start to really get into the program. They start racing to the Dining Hall to see who can set the table first and painting their faces for crew events.

Thank you to all the families who made Term 1A such a success. We had such a great start to our 10th summer of Lonehollow! And to all of our Term 1B families, know that your child is warmly embraced by the Lonehollow family and they are having the experience of a lifetime.

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