Training Leaders at Lonehollow



Imagine: you are seventeen and about to enter your senior year of high school. This is a major milestone of your teenage years. What do you do over the summer to prepare yourself for such an endeavor?

At Lonehollow, we offer the CIT (Counselor In Training) program for students entering the 12th grade. The CITs build their leadership skills by assisting counselors in teaching classes and managing cabins. It’s not a boring summer job where you sit at a desk and drain away the summer. Here’s what our five CITs from Term 1A had to say about their experience about their experience:

  • Hailey Hutson has been at Lonehollow all 10 summers. She shared, “Everyone at Lonehollow has been there for me in the most positive way, and they mean the world to me. When I come to Lonehollow, nothing else matters other than what’s inside the big LH gate.”


  • Daniel Gustafon said, “I learned that there is a lot more effort put into camp than I previously thought. I appreciate camp more, because I now understand the work put into making camp happen.”


  • Zach Ariaga explained, “It teaches you how to lead by example.”


  • Adair Appleton became a CIT because she wanted to impact other kid’s lives “just like my counselors impacted mine.”


  • Emily Stone described being a part of the Lonehollow family as “having a group of people who are always excited to see you, support you, and encourage you to be yourself.”


Working at Lonehollow as a CIT gives students going into 12th-grade a unique leadership role that prepares them for the next chapter of their life and surrounds them with supportive coworkers who serve as motivation and inspiration for the future. Thank you to our Term 1A CITs for your dedication to the job, and we look forward to welcoming a new batch of CITs Term 2A. If interested in becoming a CIT for summer 2016, the application process begins in February.

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