How to Assemble Your Theme Night Costume in Under $20

The secret’s out: Lonehollow has some quirky traditions. And as it turns out, our campers are pretty big fans of those traditions. One of them is Theme Night! This is a chance for all of our campers and staff to dress up in their most original costumes to play carnival games and hang out with other campers.

Our Theme Night for Term 1B and Short Term 4 is Global Fiesta! This is an opportunity for your child to represent the country of his or her choice for one giant worldwide party! Not sure where to start on assembling a costume? Here are some ideas of quick, easy, inexpensive costumes to get those creative juices flowing:

1. Dress up as the United Kingdom!

Cheerio! Many of our staff members are from the UK and will likely represent their home country for this event. Your camper can join them! Party City sells British flag duct tape for $5 and British Beefeater hats for $12.

2.  Dress up as Spain!

Arriba! You can easily put together a flamenco dancer costume out of clothes your child already has and household objects! Pull out any easy to throw on, festive dress as the base of the costume. Then, make a flower out of red tissue paper and wire as a hair accessory. And to go the extra mile, add castanets for musical effect ($14 from Walmart)!

3. Dress up as Italy!

Dress up as a vertical Italian flag! Look around your closet and combine a green hat, a white shirt and red shorts. Mama Mia! That’s a great-a costume!

4. Dress up as France!

Find an additional way to use those mustaches you got your child for Mustache Mondays at camp! Match a mustache with any striped shirt you find lying around in your child’s closet, and you’ve got a costume!

5. Dress up as a World Cup player!

Dress up as a soccer player! Macy’s sells shirts for different Latin American countries’ soccer teams, including Argentina, Brazil and Columbia, for $20!

6. Dress up as the Olympic rings!

Coming to camp with friends and want to do a group costume? Pack a hula hoop and come to camp as the Olympic Rings! Walmart sells packs of hula hoops that can be split amongst friends!

7. Dress up as a Canadian hockey player!

Do you have a plain white shirt and red construction paper lying around? Cut out a red maple leaf and pin it to the shirt. Then, add a bike helmet to represent the hockey gear!

8. Dress up as any country you want to be!

You can find miniature flags of any country you could imagine online for $2 a flag here!


Term 1B and Short Term 4 are right around the corner! We can’t wait for campers to arrive this Sunday, June 21st. Best of luck putting those costumes together!

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