Walking Taller At Camp

A Reflection From Meg Clark, Director of Lonehollow

A parent once told me his child seemed taller at camp closing than when he left. Yet after pulling out the measuring stick, turns out he didn’t have any actual physical growth. According to that parent, his son must just “walk taller.”

Camp does that for kids, and I love my bird’s eye view into that transformation. Whether it is smoothing the bumpy roads of homesickness or taking that first nervous plunge onto the blob, that feeling of accomplishment, of overcoming adversity, shows in campers’ physical countenance.

Twice a day I see them all at Refuel. And I can point out the physical changes in those who are “walking taller.” Their heads are held a little higher. Their shoulders back. A spring in their step. These are the campers who now know a little homesickness can be overcome with tools they have in their own toolbox – writing letters, reading a book, playing a game. The ones who know that the exhilaration of bouncing off the blob makes taking that plunge worth the anxiety.

As we near the end of our first full week, I look forward to celebrating this 10th summer — watching the more than 1300 campers in our Lonehollow family rise to their full height!

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