What We Can Learn From A Six-Year Old

Six-year old Alex caught the attention of the nation when he wrote a letter to President Obama asking him to bring a young bombing victim to his suburban home. Alex assures the President that, “we’ll be waiting for you guys with flags, flowers, and balloons….


What’s Your Role in the Routine of Responsibility?

When school is out for the summer, teachers and administrators warn about summer learning loss and tactics to prevent it. However, have you considered what you can do to prevent camp learning loss? At summer camp, kids fall into a routine of responsibility (asset #30)….


So Long, Sweet Summer!

Summer is winding down and fall is quickly approaching. As we head into a new season and all of the activity it brings, here are some handy resources and tips for jumping into a fantastic fall!   If your camper is trying to decide between…


Getting Back To the Grind with Camp in Mind

Getting into the swing of the school year can be hard. Waking up early and following a morning routine doesn’t always happen naturally! If your camper (and you!) are already dragging after the first few days of school, here are some things your camper did…


How Camp Tells You Who You Are

Discovering one’s self-identity is an important part of growing up. Through the challenges and triumphs that children face, they begin to learn who they are, what they love and what they stand for. Your camper will develop a lot of their self identity during his…


Smart Phones, Laptops and iPhones–Oh My!

The first thing campers notice when they drive over the mountain is the loss of a cell phone signal. This symbolizes the start of a tech-free term, where emphasis is placed on their ability to run fast, play hard, and have fun and not on…

Meet Our Second Term 2016 Staff!

We would like to introduce you to our wonderful camp staff. Our staff attend universities all across the country and even on different continents. Bunk lists are available on CampMinder under news items from July 11. Log in here. Kelsey Morris Kelsey is from Ada,…


A Healthy Dose of Winning

Lonehollow campers are familiar with the term “competition.” From Crew Challenge to Field Day, your campers are pushing themselves to do better for their team, their crew and for themselves. But how do you know if you’re encouraging a healthy amount of competition? Dr. Timothy…

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Gotta Play Them All!

Sports and summer camp go together like marshmallows and chocolate in a s’more. It’s just meant to be! A child who learns to play a sport learns so much more than just the rules. He or she develops responsibility (asset #30), integrity for the rules…


How Do We Handle Health Concerns?

Though injuries are rare at camp, accidents do happen. For those occasional bumps and bruises, we have a fantastic team to handle whatever comes our way. If a camper does receive any kind of injury or illness, parents are updated throughout the process.  All health…